The Best Spring Layers

Oh springtime, a reminder that winter is on its way out and summer is on its way in. Even though we’ve been having some warm days ranging in the 60s-70s, a jacket is still very much needed. If you’re like me and leave for work at about 7am, it’s usually a bit chilly outside. By the time I’m out of the subway and heading into the office, it’s about 10-15 degrees warmer, and around 6pm it gets a bit cooler again. Therefore, I definitely need the extra, but light, layer during my commute. Here are some of the best spring layers you need in your wardrobe!

Two staples in every closet are a leather jacket and a denim jacket. They match with pretty much anything and are both edgy and classic. You can never ever go wrong with a leather jacket; it’s sexy and badass. Made from lambskin, the Rawley Leather Biker Jacket by All Saints includes metal details and a waist belt. The denim jacket from Asos has the 1990’s “chill” look, but is very much practical. I love the option of rolling up the sleeves and even adding a pin or two to the pockets to make it unique and fun. I’m also a fan of wearing a denim jacket with a pair of jeans. I feel the same way about denim jackets as I do with leather jackets–you can never go wrong!
We can definitely expect some rain during this season, which is where the hooded parka from H&M comes in handy. Featuring a side zipper and adjustable sleeves, the light parka will keep you dry and is ideal for the commuter. A kimono is also a spring must-have; you can layer it over a dress and booties for a cozy look. The whimsical floral kimono from Zara features side slits and is a fine choice for a festival. Along with the hooded parka, these two garments are lightweight and can easily be folded into a purse or bag if the day is extra warm.

Rawley Leather Biker Jacket,, $

Only Westa Fitted Classic Denim Jacket,, $47.44

Jacquard Print Komono,, $99.90

Parka with Hood,, $39.99


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