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The Best Places to Buy New Watches in 2022

The Best Places to Buy New Watches in 2022

Today we want to share the best places to buy new watches in 2022. Watches occupy an interesting place in our fashion sense these days. They’ve gone from a practical element of most outfits to outdated and obsolete to a unique accessory that many men would love to have. Plus, one can’t deny the convenience of knowing the time when checking your phone would be a faux pas.

So, if you’re a fan of this timeless timekeeper, you may wonder where you can purchase new watches. Never fear! Our guide will show you the best places to buy a new (and new to you) watch in 2022.


Of course, we can’t get through any buying guide without mentioning Amazon. The multi-billion dollar company sells a wide variety of fashion accessories, including a wide range of watches from top makers like Rolex.

You will need to keep an eye out for counterfeiters and knock-offs. However, if you want the look of a Rolex or other top brand and don’t think people will examine things too closely, you can always buy one of the knockoffs from an overseas manufacturer at a fraction of the cost.


eBay is a fantastic place to get anything pre-owned. However, as with many other online retailers, there are many scammers more than happy to send you a picture of a watch instead of the actual product.

You’ll want to look for sellers that have high customer feedback, as well as those who are Top Rated sellers. You can generally assume that individuals or businesses with these labels are safe to work with.


Do you like vintage watches? Would you rather purchase from a previous owner and avoid most of your investment going into a corporation’s bottomless pockets? If so, then you’ll want to use Poshmark.

This reseller’s app specializes in selling clothing and accessories listed by the users. You won’t find any new watches on here, per se, but you will find plenty of like-new, open box, or gently used ones.

Best Buy

If smartwatches are more your thing, then you’ll want to turn your search to Best Buy or other electronics retailers. These stores tend to carry top-of-the-line smartwatch technology, so you can stay up-to-date while looking fabulous.

Plus, given their utility and the integrations available, smartwatches are some of the best new watches to buy these days. After all, who doesn’t love having a timepiece that can also track your fitness and answer your calls?

Watches of Wales

If you desire luxury brand watches, then Watches of Wales is the place for you. This UK-based shop specializes in selling Rolex, Cartier, TAG Hauer, and many other top-tier brands. They guarantee quality in their offerings and even accept certain forms of cryptocurrency as payment. If you want to give this dedicated watch retailer a try, you can find more information here.

Manufacturer Websites

Places to Buy New Watches in 2022

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Certain watch manufacturers sell their wares from their own websites. TAG Hauer, for instance, lists several of their watches for purchase directly from them. This can help circumvent additional fees and upcharges that other retailers, web or physical, can impose to increase their profits.

Plus, some of these watchmakers partner with financing apps or websites to make it easier for people to own their products through a series of monthly payments. Good luck getting a payment plan through many other methods.


Etsy may seem an odd choice for a list like this, but hear us out. This platform sells a wide variety of vintage items, including watches. However, their main specialty, and the main reason people shopping online flock to them, is their support for creatives.

If you don’t care about brand names and want to have new watches that are truly unique, the craftsmen on this site are more than happy to make you a custom watch for the right price. This is a great way to give yourself or someone you love a watch that perfectly suits their personality.

Department Stores

Many department stores like JC Penney and Sears may be going the way of the dodo. However, where they still exist, you can find watches created by top fashion brands and designers. These watches tend to be less expensive than the big name brands but still offer some brand recognition and clout.

Dedicated Retailers

Of course, the best place to buy new watches would be from a dedicated retailer. Most of the top watchmakers in the world have a few dedicated storefronts and several authorized sellers and concentrate most of their business online.

However, if you can find a dedicated physical retailer for your preferred brand of watch, there’s no better guarantee that you’ll get a genuine article.

Jewelry Stores

Last but not least, it’s important to note that jewelry stores don’t limit their sales to rings and necklaces. Many of them also carry new watches studded with gemstones or laden with other precious materials.

Jewelry stores also tend to have decent financing options available as well. So, if you need a watch but can’t break the bank for the one you want, consider visiting a jewelry store and see what they can do for you.

Looking for More Places to Buy New Watches?

Finding new watches from trustworthy sources can be difficult, especially if you prefer to buy top-dollar brands like Rolex or Cartier. However, we hope that this buying guide gave you some ideas for stores to peruse the next time you’re looking for a timepiece, whether you’re shopping online or in person.

Did you find this guide to the places where you can buy new watches helpful? Would you like more fashion tips and tricks? If so, check out the Fashion section of our blog today for more articles like this!

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