The Active Woman’s Wardrobe

What to Wear All Year: The Active Woman’s Wardrobe

Being prepared for the outdoor elements makes it much easier to brave the cool weather in comfort and style.  There are a few necessary fashion essentials that you will find useful for most of the year.  You never know when the next cold spell will hit, so being prepared will keep you warm and looking your best.  Take stock of your wardrobe and be sure to pick up the following essentials: 
The Difference Only Gloves can Make
womans leather glovesLeather gloves are a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe.  Not only do they look chic and feminine, but their sleek design allows you to drive or sort through items in your handbag with ease.  Many winter gloves are bulky and are only suitable for the coldest months of the year.  Leather gloves can be worn in a range of temperatures and look great with any outfit.  Choose a pair that is long enough to keep the top of your hands and wrists protected from the wind.  The gloves should fit snugly into the cuffs of your jacket.
A Parka For All Seasons
A warm parka is a fabulous asset through the colder seasons.  Parkas offer a comfortable casual alternative to a fitted jacket.  They look great with jeans, tights, and can even be worn over work-out wear.  The loose fit allows for extra layers underneath depending on the temperature, and the draw string waist keeps your jacket looking chic and form fitting.  Choose a neutral solid color that can be worn from the first signs of autumn all the way into spring.  Large pockets make the parka a perfect functional outerwear choice for busy weekends on the go.womans parka
It Is Key To Keep Any Outfit Dry
Beat the rain with a study umbrella.  Mini umbrellas are great because they are compact and easy to carry along just in case.  They come in a variety of colors and patterns and are a fun way to add some flair to a gloomy day.  Make a statement with an animal print or keep your look classy and feminine with a polka dot pattern.  Larger umbrellas are perfect if you need a little bit of extra coverage.  They may take up a little more space, but they are extra durable in a heavy rainstorm. Umbrellas are an essential accessory to make sure that you stay dry on a drizzly day.
Keep Them Tootsies Warm
All-weather boots or shoes will keep you ready to brave the elements no matter what the day brings.  Choose a low heel or flat sole for maximum functionality.  Be sure to use a protective spray to keep your boots in great condition and help them to resist water damage.  With so many styles to choose from, the perfect pair of all-weather boots is up to your personal preference, especially now that finding the right shoes online is just a matter of a few clicks. Even if you generally wear fancy footwear, you will be thankful for some functional shoes when you need a comfortable option to get around town with ease.
You Won’t Get Through Winter Without These
A few pairs of well-fitted tights are also a great asset to the active woman’s wardrobe.  Tights looks great on many different body types.  They can be worn under a long sweater or a chic dress.  They provide the added warmth that you need in the fall and look amazing with your favorite boots.  Black and grey are the most popular color choices, but patterned tights can also make a bold statement in any wardrobe.
Scarves Complete Any Look
womans scarveA few warm scarves will protect you from a cool breeze and add a splash of color to your outfit.  Scarves can be worn in any season, and they can turn a plain outfit into something interesting and personalized.  It is a good idea to have a collection of several scarves on hand that range from thin and lightweight to thicker weather resistant fabrics.  Look for patterns that reflect your favorite seasonal colors.  There is plenty of inspiration available online to help you utilize a scarf as the perfect accessory.
It’s easy to overlook these essentials when the weather is warm and sunny.  Take a look at your wardrobe to make sure that you are prepared no matter what Mother Nature sends your way.  Having the right items means that you will always look fashionable and put together, even on the worst days.  Active women are prepared for the great outdoors no matter what the forecast is calling for.  Celebrate your personal style with your accessories and outerwear, and don’t let the cool weather keep you indoors.
Eve Haley is studying fashion design in Sydney. She loves blogging about the variety of style occasions for the everyday woman.
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