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The 80s & 90s Were the Best era for Sneakers

Best era for Sneakers

Today we want to share a few reasons why we think the 80s and 90s were the best era for sneakers. Retro, old school call it what you want but sneaker models from the 80s and 90s are probably the best ever made and it’s without question these models from the past are influencing today’s new styles.

When the world first said hello to basketball icon Michael Jordan, we only have to look at the birth of the Air Jordan to see the impact that this brand would have within sneakers and somewhat accelerated sneakerhead culture. Whether the Jordan releases were in the 80s or 90s, the brand til this day still remains at the top with the other major sportswear brands.

Best era for SneakersSimilarly, in the same breath, the Air Max (in all its variations) has not only dominated the footwear market it has become probably the most talked about sneaker model ever. Due to its popularity, the Air Max family remains a must have model and in some cases a grail amongst sneakerheads and celebrities.

The Nike Dunk, originally an 80s basketball shoe has only evolved and continued in popularity in the form of the SB Dunk. With that said, this sneaker is now one of the most sought-after models every time a new version drops.

Reebok Classic took the fitness market by storm in the 80s and is still one of the most loved sneakers of all time. The reason it continues to be adored today is because of its famous silhouette but also because of being so versatile and easily styled.

Do I even need to remind you of the Adidas ZX releases in the 80s with its Torsion system and if you had a pair of these, your cool and sophistication points went up astronomically. These were just another sneaker gift from a golden era.

Best era for SneakersWhether you are dressing these silhouettes up or down, the ‘old school’ sneaker styles never died but simply inspired the next generations of design. Meaning with new technologies and materials even absolute 80s icons such as the Air Force 1 can be kept fresh and remain hugely popular. There have been so many versions of the Air Force that you would think that this model would die a fashionable death but quite the opposite. With 30 years under its belt, the model is becoming more and more popular.

The influence of these 80s & 90s styles can also be seen in totally new sneaker models like the Puma RS-X, which takes today’s chunkier sole trend but mixes with it more traditional mesh/ leather paneling and colourways that you could easily pair with an 80s traxedo and a headband.

Yes, the 80s and 90s brought the world some great things like the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Furby toy that seemed to be in every household but what we really should be thanking this era for is some of the greatest sneaker models and designs of all time!

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