Target’s A New Day Collection Spotlight for Fall

Dear Target: we love you. It’s as simple (and complicated) as that. We visit you on the weekends, our lunch breaks, the extra time we find gifted to us within our schedules with expectations that never disappoint. Each visit has us finding items we could never guess of next, or plan on buying. Target’s latest surprise has come in the form of a fashion collection that has us jumping with joy. A New Day is one of the four new brands that this innovative store has created, and it is focused on providing boutique-esque pieces at affordable prices for women everywhere.


A New Day caters to women—real women—period. This brand knows that real women come in all shapes and sizes, and it recognizes that we are all different, beautiful, and one-of-a-kind. The collection emphasizes this fact with its multi-patterned tops, various versatile accessories, flattering dresses and bottoms, and more items featured on diverse models. Made to be mixed-and-matched, each piece can easily transition from casual to workwear to evenings out. You can catch us running errands, making power moves at work, and wowing on a first date in A New Day ensembles that are destined to have people asking you, “Where did you get that?” Advertised with a price point under $50, this line has us shopping with glee and without regret both online and in-store. This is the perfect cherry on top to a new Target line that we welcome with open arms and wallets.

Click ahead for some of our favorite fall pieces so far that have us excited for new days (and outfit choices) ahead. Shop them at a Target location near you and on

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