Summer of 2018’s Hottest Trends

As soon as the different Fashion Weeks hold their shows, we are left with an idea about what colors, patterns and prints to style and expect during the different seasons. Each season has its own set of distinct fashion trends, and the summer of 2018 fell nothing short of trendy. From pastel colors to tie-front tops and cherry print dresses to polka dots, the options were endless. Whether you scrolled through social media or simply spotted someone walking down a city street, a trend could be found anywhere and everywhere. Check out some of the  summer of 2018’s hottest trends right here!


Retro Sunglasses
Sunglasses are one of the easiest and one the summer of 2018’s hottest trends to hop on board with because they’re a necessity. Trendy sunglasses look stylish but they’re also a useful product, especially when used at the beach or by the pool. The two most popular styles were easily the oval retro shades or the cat eye pairs. If you’re in search of adding a vintage element to your outfits, then this is the product for you!

Flat Lens Cat Eye Sunglasses, (, $4.00)
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Livhò Retro Vintage Narrow Cat Eye Sunglasses, (, $8.99)
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Fruit Print
Along with the retro shades came fruit print clothing. Without a doubt, the Summer of 2018 was a tribute to vintage looks. The most popular fruit print was the cherry print, which alone was one of summer of 2018’s hottest trends.  A variety of stores carried different tops and dresses adorned with this classic print along with banana, orange and lemon printed clothing just waiting to be styled.

Cherry Cami Fit and Flare Dress, (<, $17.90)
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Straw Bags
Straw bags began making their debut as early as April but their popularity increased as the summer months rolled around and they easily became one the summer of 2018’s hottest trends. One of the most fun accessories to style, straw bags made it possible to carry around a little reminder of summer and the beach wherever you go.

Gaia’s Ark, (,$128)
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Circle Straw Crossbody Bag, (, $118)
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Neck Scarves
This classic accessory easily dominated as one of the most popular trendy accessories this summer. Its versatility made it work as a go-to piece, whether worn as a neck or head scarf or as a headband. The best part is that they come in a variety of different colors and prints to match just about any outfit!

Printed Cotton Bandana, (,$5.99)
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Statement Earrings
Statement jewelry has been on trend for a while now so it is not surprising that people are still choosing to wear it. Geometric shaped earrings that resemble tortoise shell or abalone are two of  the current trendy statement earrings that coincide nicely with the overall retro theme of the summer!

Rectangle Design Drop Earrings, (,$2.00)
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Polka Dots
Similar to the fruit print, polka dots could be found all over clothing and accessories this summer. Black and white polka dots were the most common variation of the print and most people chose to style it with pops of red and pink.

Polka Dot Wrap Tie Dress, (,$12.59)
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Sandals & Wedges
The brown H-shaped sandals and these brown wedges were the most popular pairs worn all summer long. A basic, easy accessory to style, both pairs could be worn just about any outfit and work as a transition shoe from summer to fall.

Sayler Sandal, (, $59.95)
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Adalyn Espadrille Wedge Sandal, ( ,$159.95)
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Although pastel colors are no longer restricted to spring and summer, the summer of 2018 did see a rise in pastel clothing and accessories. Blush pink and lavender purple are two of the most popular colors, but light blue is a close third during the summer with all of the pinstriped and seersucker items available.

Vine Striped Chilmark Relaxed Oxford Button Down, (, $78)
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Tie-Front/ Back Tops
A little tie in the front or the back of a top adds a cute detail to a classic piece. Since most of these tops are cropped, they pair well with high-waisted shorts or a denim skirt. These tops came in neutrals as well as vibrant prints that are perfect for any casual occasion and easily one of the summer of 2018’s hottest trends!

Tie-Front Top (, $18)
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