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Stay Stylish & Warm in any Dress This Winter

stay stylish and warm in any dress this winter

Today we want to share tips on how to stay stylish and warm in any dress this winter. For being colder weather, winter sure has a lot of formal occasions that call for formal attire. Between company holiday parties and swanky New Year’s celebrations, there is more than one event that will call for your take on ‘best-dressed guest’ in attendance.

Staying warm while looking stylish might seem like a challenge. Still, there’s actually a lot you can do to increase comfort while accessorizing and putting your best fashion foot forward. Here are some tips for skipping the fashion faux pas while still staying warm so that you don’t have to skip being stylish for winter events.

Have Fun with Layers

With so many different styles to choose from, adding outer layers to your favorite dress is one option that can provide several solutions. For an element of warmth, go with a long cardigan or oversized sweater. You can even add a puffy vest if you don’t plan to be outside long.

Layers are an endlessly fun way to add comfort without compromising style. Still, consider a jacket on those arctic days when the temperatures are bitterly cold, and you have a dressier event to attend. You can add a more formal statement with a fashionable blazer or achieve an edgy look by pairing a cocktail dress with a leather bomber jacket.

You Can Layer Under Too

If you don’t want to be holding a jacket all night or tracking it down when the fun is over, consider layering underneath the dress. A long sleeve shirt or coordinated turtleneck can add a considerable amount of heat when you have a dress that’s perfect for the occasion, minus the weather.

On the other hand, not everyone might enjoy this look. If you need the added layer but don’t like the look, you can cover it up with a cashmere cardigan. Don’t forget about adding a slip underneath too. Between the slip, the long sleeves, and the cardigan, you’ll be comfortable while looking good.

Tis the Season for Fleece Leggings

A summer dress becomes the perfect winter look with the addition of fleece leggings. Adding these bottoms underneath your favorite styles not only keeps you warm, but it can pull the whole look together with consideration of other accessories.

Suppose you’d normally wear strappy sandals or tall heels with the dress. In that case, you can change your summer staple with warmer leggings and fashionable boots. Fleece leggings block the winter wind. Plus, they’re so soft and cozy against your skin.

Wrap Up with a Scarf

Scarfs are fun winter accessories that are both stylish and comfortable. A large scarf can serve the same purpose as a jacket and be worn in multiple different ways. Add an element of color to your otherwise classic black outfit with a well-coordinated choice, or mute bolder colors with a neutral tone.

The thing about an oversized scarf is that it has the ability to block the wind and warm you up, but it’s also a versatile accessory. With the addition of this one piece, you can wear it multiple different ways, including:

  • Low Knot Look
  • Simple Loop
  • Classic Wrap
  • Poncho Style
  • Cardigan Style

Of course, these are only a few ways to style a scarf. The possibilities are as endless as your creativity. As an added benefit, scarfs don’t add a lot of weight or bulk to the look, so you don’t have to carry them around all night or look for a place to keep them.

Bring Out the Boots

Winter weather is boot weather! If you love the look of over-the-knee boots, now is the time to shine. Tall boots paired with a shorter dress are a really chic way to protect your legs from the cold while adding a flirty flare of style. Leaving just a peak of the skin between the hem of the dress and the top of the boot is both a little daring while remaining perfectly suited for any dress code approval.

Thigh-high boots aren’t the only footwear appropriate for the job, though. If you opted to go the route of leggings, you could wear mid-calf or even knee-high boots for added winter protection while dressing up a shorter dress.

One of the most significant advantages of adding boots to winter apparel is the protection your feet get from the cold. You don’t want to be dashing through the snow in strappy heels. Not only is that dangerous, but your toes will ache all night from cold exposure. Instead, make a bolder statement while staying perfectly protected with a stylish pair of boots.  

Choose a Dress with Sleeves

stay stylish and warm in any dress this winter

Photo by 王 术山 on Unsplash

Is there anything quite like the comfort of a sweater dress? It’s both a warmer winter option and a cozy but classic answer to a winter dilemma. The sweater dress can be dressed down or up, depending on the tone of the event.

Add a slim belt with a designer buckle for a cocktail event. Accessorize with your favorite earrings and an eye-catching clutch for a bold statement. This look is also ideally suited to slip over your favorite pair of skinny denim with high-heeled booties.

While sweater dresses aren’t the only option for a full-sleeved look, they could be a classic answer. You can also pair a quarter or long-sleeved dress with a business jacket and heels for a professional yet elegant option.

Staying Warm This Winter

Don’t let the thought of cold, dreary weather keep you from having a blast at holiday parties or friendly gatherings. While you might be tempted to leave your favorite summer dresses behind, you don’t have to! Between dressing up outer layers or bundling up from within, a summer dress can be made into the perfect winter occasion wear.

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