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Premiering just this past February at New York Market Week, the new women’s clothing brand Sara Emanuel proves to be quite the sight for sore eyes. The debut Fall 2014 collection—with its palette of black, navy, red, and gold—utilizes fabrics from leather to lace and was inspired by the modern woman and her evolving, feminine figure. The dresses, often garnished in flowers, bows, and frills, are perfect for dinner parties and red carpets. Fit for a more mature, though flirtatious, customer, the line has received much acclaim in these few short months for its undeniable charm, sophistication, and elegance. Below, we chat with the designers about their designing process, their favorite pieces, and what’s to come.
Twiggy Mod
Beaded Wave
Cliché: What got you interested in fashion design? Have you always wanted to be a designer?
Sara Emanuel: As a collective of designers, we have all been interested in fashion from a young age. Building the Sara Emanuel brand through a collective has been an amazing experience. We have the ability to fuse different people’s ideas and concepts and create adventurous and innovative designs.
What is your designing process like?
As a group, we brainstorm and take trips to London or Paris. Doing this usually triggers our themes, key inspirations, and looks. As we are a collective, it’s important to do this as it gets us all on the same page, working towards the same overall idea. From there we work on approximately 80 to 100 styles to create the full look book.
Which look from the Fall 2014 collection is your favorite, and why?
The Champagne Delight is one of our favorite looks as we feel it represents the brand and our costumers so well. It’s fun and flirtatious, but also classy and timeless.
Where did you get your inspiration for this collection?
London and Paris were our top inspirations. Premier Vision helps, too, as it has exciting fabric collections on display, inspiring us to be adventurous… one fabrication will normally take precedence and becomes the front runner. Our collection is designed using these key fabrics.
What is next to come from Sara Emanuel this year?
We plan to travel and seek new exciting fabrications and inspirations. We will continue to work as the collective designing Sara Emanuel and work towards creating a new collection maintaining our ideals of femininity, class, and fabulousness.
Photos courtesy of Sara Emanuel

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