Prep For Cuddle Season with Lunya Loungewear

There is nothing better than slipping into your favorite pair of pajamas, brewing a cup of tea, and climbing into bed with a good book (or magazine) at the end of a long day. After longing to be home, sweet relief is slipping on your trusty PJs and not leaving bed for the next eight hours. Unfortunately, while your favorite flannel pair may be comfy, odds are it isn’t such a great look, and it will probably be worn out sooner rather than later.

As cuddle weather settles in, you need a variety of loungewear for every occasion, not just sleep. Winter is the perfect excuse to stay inside and stay in your pajamas, but who says you can’t still be fashionable? Silk sets are imperative for looking and feeling great in front of your significant other, and chunky cashmere joggers are totally necessary for those nights in on the couch with your dog.
Luckily, the high end loungewear brand Lunya has us covered. From cashmere to cotton, Lunya has everything a girl could need to survive cold winter evenings and even colder winter mornings. The brand has created a line that screams luxury, but puts comfort first. Every item is designed with sleep in mind. Breathable midsections in the shirts allow you to cool off during sleep, flat seams put a halt to irritation, and slip-resistant straps hold everything together overnight.
Every piece in the Lunya collection is thoughtfully designed and created to be as waste-free as possible, as each item undergoes a series of tests to ensure it will be well received by consumers and no pieces will have to be thrown out. This is a brand you can feel good in and feel good about.

(The Robe in Black, $250)

No matter what your sleepwear style, you can never go wrong with a classic robe. This ultra-soft, subtly seductive piece is perfect for any wardrobe.

(Pima Raglan Crop in Sand/White, $58)

Crop tops make the perfect sleep shirts, especially if they’re 100% cotton—and no one has to know you slept in it if you decide to wear it to out the next day.

(Washable Cashmere Merino Jogger in Charcoal, $198)

Washable cashmere joggers. With pockets. Must we say more?

(Washable Silk Set in Emerald, $168)

Great for sleeping and sexy for lounging, it doesn’t get much better than silk pajamas. An automatic confidence boost, this set is an absolute essential in every woman’s closet.

(Slimming Long Legging in Indigo, $88)

Leggings are, and always will be, a girl’s best friend. These lightweight leggings are perfect for sleeping and relaxing without the overbearing thickness of your yoga pants.

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Images courtesy of Lunya

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