How to Take the Best Fashion Shots on Holiday

Who wants to know how to take the best fashion shots on holiday?  Now that most of us carry around incredibly powerful cameras with 24/7, we can either take beautiful photos or ones we quickly delete. could be seen as both a blessing and a curse. It’s incredibly convenient, of course, but it’s also fostered a culture in which everyone thinks they are an expert fashion photographer.

how to take the best fashion shots on holiday

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There is an undeniable thrill in capturing the best of  ourselves in a holiday snap, but it’s not as easy as it looks. Today’s smartphones might be equipped with all the bells and whistles, but a bad picture is a bad picture and even if you spend an hour getting ready and finding the perfect outfit for the day, that will have all been for nothing if the snaps you take are poorly framed.

Here we’ve collected some awesome tips on how to take the best fashion shots on holiday so that all budding photographers and Instagram obsessives can capture the perfect holiday shot with minimal fuss.

 how to take the best fashion shots on holiday

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Know your angles

There can be few vacation fashion moments as special as those captured in the presence of a towering monument. But if you are not in control of your angles then you might as well be taking a selfie in a Wetherspoon’s toilet. To ensure you catch yourself at your best and manage to get the monument in, make sure the camera is low to the ground and angled upwards. If you are clever, you might even be able to angle the shot so it looks like you’re the only one there.

Flattering backgrounds are a must

Choose backgrounds that don’t clash with what you’re wearing. If you’re trying to highlight your sense of style then the last thing you want is to be photographed in front of a drab brick wall.

Find somewhere secluded

how to take the best fashion shots on holiday

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If you want to focus to be on you and not the location, then popular tourist destinations can be a little crowded. Consider hiring a private home from Villa Plus for the day with a swimming pool and sun terrace or hit up Airbnb and see if there is anywhere nearby with a perfect view and a window you can drape yourself in front of. Be adventurous and be creative.

Find the right stranger

If you’re on your own and want to take the perfect picture then you have three options – selfie, self-timer or ask a stranger. We’re not saying the former options are necessarily bad, but selfies have been done to death and are terrible at capturing complete outfits and self-timers are only really an option if you have a lot of time to kill. So, when it comes to asking a stranger for your travel photography needs, chose wisely. Always try to ask someone with children, as you know they won’t be running off with your camera and ask them to take at least 5 photos.

Laugh, don’t smile

Finally, smiling for the camera is the oldest trick in the book but it doesn’t come naturally to all of us. So, try to make yourself laugh instead. It will come across as much more natural and relaxed and you’ll end up with a shot that was born for Instagram glory!

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