New Kid Footwear Launches It’s Winter 2013 Campaign

New Kid Footwear’s AW2013 campaign, Overshadow,
is set in a wintry, post-apocalyptic dreamscape. The
campaign combines a look book captured on film by
Jon Bergman and video by Shaun Beagley, both shot on
location in and around Croatia’s Plitvice National Park.
Designer Rachel Beagley gathers much of her influence from
the 1990s, recalling teenage years in the shadow of the looming
millennium. “I was a pre-teen and teen and it really defined a
lot of my personality and aesthetics,” she says from her studio in
Florence, Italy. “When I was designing, I wanted to make really
practical, can-survive-the-end-of-the-world kind of shoes… But a
bit fancy.” In keeping with this, the AW range evokes easternbloc gloom paired with fashion conscious mall-rat ennui.
But then, New Kid Footwear collections typically match contrary ideas;
ultra feminine colours and details are contrasted with punkish
buckles and chains. Patent leather and vibrant reds combined
with hiking-boot tan create a contradictory mix of practicality and
chic, while heels are offset by laces and d-rings. The collections
harbor sardonic tendencies; these are shoes made for those
with a grasp of irony, but also for those who leave a bit of room
for nostalgia, and have an appetite for something audacious.
New Kid Footwear’s new winter collection Overshadow is
available in stores and online now.

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