Move Over GenZ Yellow, Here Comes Sunkiss Orange

This summer has been aflame with colors. From GenZ yellow to Coca-Cola red and the old faithful millennial pink, this summer feels like the brightest one in recent history. But the streetwear world moves fast and while cherry red has only really begun its tsunami over our wardrobes, Sunkiss orange will be dawning as the must-wear color soon. Its bright, eye-catching shades alongside its sometimes ugly nature encapsulates the essence of recent style.

For an outfit to be truly stunning on social media, it must be graphic; it has to photograph well, stand out from the background of both the photo and everyone else. Bright colors pop on screens—especially when layered over each other. Orange is the perfect color for that. It is not yet everywhere, so it stands out from the yellows and reds we’ve been seeing while also popping against everything. It also mixes perfectly with the warmth of red and yellow—put them all together to become a traffic cone of graphic style!


Perhaps Elle Woods words are ringing in your ears: “Whoever said tangerine was the new pink was seriously disturbed!” Orange is a notoriously ugly color. Most people would argue that orange is not their color, it looks terrible on them, etc, but that only bolsters its relevance. Ugly-cute is all the rage as brands like Balenciaga over-exaggerate proportions until they no longer traditionally appealing but are alluring in a new way. Sunkiss orange provides the same foray. The unpleasant side of the color only heightens its cred.


The last time I remember orange taking a large place in wardrobes is when I was kid. Sometime in the early 00s, orange was a favorite color which only plays in to the millennial/GenZ love for nostalgia. Its brightness is a reminder of childhood and playful fun. All of this just adds up to the perfect mix to make Sunkiss orange the next big color to wave over us. After all the pastels of the past, these vibrant, eye-candy of colors are definitely as exciting as they look.

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Move Over GenZ Yellow, Here Comes Sunkiss Orange; Images provided by @sarahfromnewyork; @nytimesfashion;  @hypebae; and @golfwang on Instagram

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