Most Exclusive Australian Fashion Brands

Fashion in Australia is thriving right now and for good reason.  Australia has some of the most accomplished fashion designers in the world.  Today we’re going to look at the most exclusive Australian fashion brands and the amazing journey they took to establish themselves as unique and highly sought after global fashion hub.  While Australia fashion is now among the worlds most recognizable brands, this wasn’t always the case. 
most exclusive australian fashion brands

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In the past going back to the 1970’s, the Australian fashion industry primarily tried to adopt fashion styles and looks that were dominating internationally, mainly fashion from Europe.  This continued late into the 90’s and early 2000’s.  To fully understand, one must know the evolution of Australian fashion over the last 30 years.  Back then fashion was concentrated in 2 main locations, Sydney and Melbourne.  Over time as commercial building costs continued to rise, fashion houses started to spread out across the suburbs and Australia as a whole.  As a result production either moved offshore or was forced in house on more bespoke or individual levels.

Fast track to 2019, top designers have developed several unique fashion hubs across major cities in Australia.  These small clusters of fashion designers, enthusiast and investors focus on creative and collaborative efforts that help support amazing designers and allow them to thrive and prosper.  Let’s take a look at some of these incredible brands that have penetrated almost every major market in the world.  The following are the most exclusive Australian fashion brands that are setting trends and helping to establish Australia as a fashion force to be reckoned with.  They represent the best designers in Australia just as  Playamo represents the best online casino Australia.

This is a really cool girlie brand that has a strong focus on as they say ‘raw beauty, tough femininity and effortlessly cool.’  The Aje fashion brand has been around for more than a decade and while it’s barely getting global recognition, it’s an Australian brand that you should definitely take note of.  Edwina Robinson and Adrian Norris are two incredible designers who truly believe in attention to detail and hand designed prints and sequins.  Artists are super important in the production of their fashion line. 

Toni Maticevski

Toni is a modern renowned Australian designer that is known world wide.  Toni arrived in Melbourne by way of Yugoslavia as a young boy.  After attending and graduating RMIT University, Toni won the Fashion Group International Award resulting in a placement with Donna Karan in New York.  This led him on an amazing journey in which to launch his own fashion label in 1998.  His innovative brand which goes beyond the fashion norm won him Best New Designer at the L’Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival.  He has since become a regular at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in both Sydney and New York.

most exclusive australian fashion brands

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Camilla and Marc Freeman

Freeman is an amazing brand not only because it’s a local favorite but because it’s a locally grown, family owned fashion house that represents Australian luxury to the fullest.  A local star in contemporary and elegant women’s-wear is an incredible brand that loves creating sophisticated tones that reflect the Australian lifestyle.  Freeman was a popular favorite from the beginning and a well sought after brand both locally and globally.   Their signature products include luxe party wear, colorful prints and unique and stylish characteristics that inspired them to launch their ready to wear swimwear collection 2012.

Dion Lee

With great attention to detail, the ‘most critically lauded, and awarded, fashion innovator to emerge from Australia’ debuted his collection at the Australian Fashion Week in 2009.  Dion Lee has previously expressed that he’s committed to designing cutting edge garments for the working woman, as well female party-goers.  In 2010, this Sydney-born designer was also the first designer to put on a history runway presentation at the Sydney Opera House.   This led to more commercial support both internationally and locally in Australia, growing his brand very quickly in a short amount of time.

Since then, Lee has has attended both New York and family owned fashion house, has worked with several retail brand names and has gained fans from North America across the Pacific to Southeast Asia including Hong Kong and Singapore.   Despite his success he still believes that amazing opportunities for Australian designers are still on the horizon.

most exclusive australian fashion brands

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Zimmermann is one of the older brands form in 1991 by Sydney born sisters Nicky and Simone.   Skip ahead 25 years later and they are now sitting a top the Australian high fashion world and definitely one of the most exclusive Australian fashion brands of all time.  From high end swimwear to carefree and sophisticated resort wear, the brand has won several awards for their ability to push creative designs in the swimwear niche.

Over past couple of  years, Zimmermann has created and fully embraced more than just swimwear and beach fashion.  In a recent collection Zimmermann showcased a mirage of coats, knee high boots and family owned fashion house.  The brand is so popular that companies are starting to make knock off’s of the brands more prominent swimwear and beach going fashion.  One such site was ZCrave which was advertising to fans of Zimmermann on Instagram using an official Zimmermann product image that appears to have been ripped from    That’s when you know you’ve hit the big time.  When other companies try to emulate and copy your product.  Real Zimmermann customers will undoubtedly know that no item would be made from 100% polyester.  Case closed.

Romance Was Born

Yes, that is actually the brand name.  An amazing brand name that has garnered the business of Nicki Minaj and others.  Romance Was Born was created by fashion students Anna Plunkett and Luke Sales back in 2005.  It has since taken off internationally and has been supported by several high profile actors.  One thing that makes them unique, is that they choose to work closely with artists to design their collections.  Lunkett and Sales recently produced a theme focused collection based on the ideas they have about the energy of nature and animals.

We can confidently say that these amazing designers are among the most exclusive Australian fashion brands.   They just don’t help create fashion, they are fashion they are fashion.

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