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How Men Should Accessorize In 2020 And Beyond

guide to men's accessories

Today we want to give you some great tips on how men should accessorize in 2020.  In the past, it was only women who thought of augmenting their casual and formal outfit with extra items of jewellery, hats, scarves, or anything else they felt added to the appeal of the outfit. In recent years, however, men have begun to get in on the act as well, using rings, watches, and hats to set off their outfits. In this guide, we take a look at some of the trends for men and how men should accessorize in 2020.


Perhaps it’s because hats are super flexible, protect the head from sunlight or rain, and offer a gentlemanly prop when out and about. Still, just when you thought they had gone out of fashion, they come back again with a new style that catches your eye and gets you thinking about a possible new look. 

Some hats never go out of style, like caps and beanies, then others come and go. Think trilby’s, brim hats, pork pie hats. Here are some of the ones that are definitely on point in 2020.  

The Fedora hat is a classic brim hat with a lower and upper part. The crown is famous for having two dents in it. They come in various colors and are ideal for a sunny day in the garden or out in town. 

The trilby hat was once trendy, then slipped out of style for a while. It’s back now! This classic performs a similar function to the Fedora but is more suitable for younger men. Add style to any outfit with a well-chosen trilby. 

Coming into winter in 2020 beanie hats for men are on the A-list. Never far away from fashion, this years’ beanies are likely to be colorful but subtle. Men are on the lookout for beanies that are versatile and go with a range of outfits. 


Rings have been worn by men for thousands of years to display wealth, status, or to show they are a member of an elite group. The reasons for wearing rings may have changed over the years, but the desire to display one’s personality through this unique accessory has not diminished. That’s why many men choose to wear a high-quality ring as well as their wedding band. 

Alpine rings have a full range of tungsten wedding bands for men and perfect for any occasion or character type. The rings combine sleek classic styles with natural and traditional elements to create rings suitable for the modern gentleman. Below are some of the most popular choices for men this year. 

The black tungsten with domed zebra wood exterior is bold and unique. It’s made from tungsten so it will last forever, precisely what you want since it defines your personality. Regardless of the occasion or your style, this ring was built for your finger. 

The black tungsten wedding bands with African padauk wood interior is slightly different although it does sport the same durability and lasting qualities of its neighbors. The wood interior of this ring is smooth and distinctive, making it comfortable to wear. Furthermore, its tungsten quality means it will appear forever new. 


There are two schools of thought on the wearing of a watch. One group says that it’s pointless, the time is everywhere nowadays, on smartphones and computers, and almost every digital display you turn your attention to. But others argue that there is always a place for a watch on a man’s wrist. Wearing a watch to tell the time is a preference, on top of that its individual, adding style and character. 

So what are the best timepieces to go for at the beginning of this new decade? Well, the Bamford London Mayfair Date is in with a loud shout. It has a black band that supports a titanium face. The monochrome color scheme fits in with any style, and it is robust and dependable, making it ideal for formal occasions as well as outdoor activities. 

This year is all about sustainability and self-consciousness, and some watchmakers are meeting the market demand. Baume Small Seconds is offering a stylish slim-lined timepiece made entirely from recycled and upcycled materials. These watches are fully customizable and can be configured online. 

The Bell and Rose BR03-92 Nightlum is designed for those who like a basic, uncomplicated watch, suitable for most purposes and styled like a government-issue military accessory. This is not too far from the reality since B&R do specialize in aviation. If you want a hard-wearing no-nonsense watch, the nightclub is for you. 


When thinking about your style, footwear is all-important. Although it might not be the very first thing, you consider, it shouldn’t be the last either. Footwear can influence the overall look of an outfit and make or break its success. In the short guide below, we take a look at some of the styles in fashion this year. 

Loake Mulligans are renowned for making shoes and boots that are designed to last. Their footwear has been made in the same family-owned factory since 1894, so they come with a strong reputation. Their derby brogues are made with sturdy brown leather and have a durable rubber sole. They work with any outfit, formal or casual  And are also pretty good for hiking. 

Baker Alderley has released a new range of formal shoes in both black and brown that are classic in style but ready for today’s market. They are seriously smart leather-soled shoes with light punches holes around the lace and heel. They display an elegant and minimalistic look that is perfect for weddings, anniversaries, or important business meetings.  

Men’s Oxford Shoes are not likely to go out of fashion any time soon,  and certainly not in 2020. Made from durable leather, their Dune London range is available in either brown or black. They are an almond toe style of shoe that is best worn on formal occasions if you want a quality guarantee for your shoes to look no further than these Oxford classics. 

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