Lauren Cecchi Talks Her New LCNY Collection

An innovative and fashion forward brand, Lauren Cecchi’s bags are transforming the way that women see themselves. With bold colors and shapes, LCNY brought luxury back to the United States with Lauren’s creative approach to the leather bag that serves as a fashion staple for women everywhere. We had the pleasure to delve into the head of the designer, and what we learned made us want to immediately invest. Read on to learn all about her inspiration and what makes her line so special.

Cliché: What was the inspiration for this season’s collection?
Lauren Cecchi: The inspiration for the Fall/Winter 2016 collection was definitely inspired by camouflage and the everglades. I travel frequently to Florida to my family’s vacation home and whenever I fly, I always get a window seat so I can stare out the window in awe. I have many pictures from over the years and it only gets more beautiful. Obviously I see a lot of greenery with sand coasts and black waters. I wanted to incorporate these colors into my collection because sand and army green are the new neutral and can blend with any outfit.

©Taylor Ballantyne

©Taylor Ballantyne

What is your favorite piece?
My favorite piece has to be the newest style, The Double. It is two bags in one so you can wear it as a shoulder bag or clutch depending on your mood. I love creating new bags to see what my customers gravitate to and I think this bag will be a favorite this fall!
Do you have a muse for your collection, or model it after a specific type of client?
I always create new handbags with my customers in mind since they are the ones wearing them! When I am in the design phases, I think, “Where is my customer going? What is she/he doing? What do they want/need in a handbag?” By asking myself these questions, I can dream up what I think they need as their newest addition to their wardrobe. My customers love to travel just as much as I do, so I think that is a major “muse” for my designs: what they will need wherever they go in the world!
If you could define the mood of your brand in five words, what would it be?
Classically chic and effortlessly fun.
What is the best part about the design process for you?
Besides drawing new designs, I love going to my leather supplier and making new colors and seeing what he has in stock that is new and fun. There are so many textures of leather I didn’t even know existed, like pebbled, perforated, distressed, woven, painted, raw, acid washed, and even bullet holes! I love seeing what they have, then creating my own colors based off my inspiration by what I see and think people will want to wear.

What role does this collection play within the fashion world today?
The role I am trying to play in the fashion industry today is you don’t need to travel to Europe to experience luxury. I manufacture all of my handbags in the heart of New York City and believe my quality is top notch. I inspect every stitch, every corner, and every pocket to make sure it is the quality my customers deserve. I also believe my role in the industry is to show you can have a luxurious bag that is versatile. I know people who won’t bring out their nice bags unless it is a nice occasion. I want my customers to wear their bags every day and feel luxurious doing it.
Who do you hope will buy handbags?
I hope that everyone will own one of my handbags one day. I would love to walk down 6th Avenue and see a flock of women sporting them. Of course I would love to see celebrities and even Kate Middleton wearing a piece from my collection, but I think seeing someone in the raw wearing one of my bags would be delightful. This is something that they purchased, chose to wear, and believed that handbag was an extension of themselves. What more can I want?
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Lauren Cecchi Talks Her New LCNY Collection: Images courtesy of Lauren Cecchi New York

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