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How to Choose a Neck Piece Based on the Neckline of Your Dress

how to choose a neck piece

Jewelries have the power to uplift any outfit. However, choosing the right pieces for a particular outfit is very important if you want to intensify its impact.

When it comes to elevating an outfit through accessories, necklaces have always been at the forefront. However, not all necklaces look good with every outfit. The art behind choosing the perfect neckpiece entails taking into consideration the neckline of the dress. This stands true when you are buying any other jewelry piece as well. To create a look that looks put together, you need to match your jewelry with the outfit you are wearing. However, in the following article, we will discuss specifically how to choose a neckpiece based on the neckline of your dress.

V Neckline Dresses

To accentuate the neckline of a V-neck dress, you must opt for a pendant necklace that creates a flattering silhouette by drawing attention downward.

Pendant necklaces seamlessly balance your look, draw attention to your décolletage, and make even a boring dress stand out.

Round Neckline Dresses

How to Choose a Neck Piece

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If you are wearing a round neckline dress, choose a short necklace or choker to complement your outfit. Opt for pieces that fall above the neckline, enhancing your collarbone and neck area. For instance, a short necklace with a diamond pendant looks great with a round neckline. However, if you are confused about whether you should opt for natural diamonds or lab-grown diamonds, it is best to conduct thorough research before investing.

High Neckline Dresses

Styling a necklace with a high-neckline dress like a halter neck can be tricky. Even though most stylists believe it is best to avoid wearing neckpieces with such necklines, V-shaped necklaces look great with these outfits and make your body look elongated. Moreover, opting for long pendants that fall right below your chest enhances a simple halter neck top and makes the outfit stand out.

Square Neckline Dresses

Square necklines emphasize the shoulder and collarbone. So, the necklace design that you choose must complement the outline of such necklines. This is why rectangle pendants look great with square neckline dresses, as they make the straight lines of the dress more prominent.

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