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Fashionable Accessories and Jewelry Gift Ideas for Her

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Fashionable accessories and jewelry are an essential part of a fashionista’s wardrobe, taking an outfit from fine to fabulous just seconds, whether it is a pair of shoes, a new bag or a simple hair accessory. Whether she wants zebra-print boots or a Simone Rocha tote, she’ll be delighted with a gift that helps her both look and feel amazing.

Fashionable accessories gift ideas

Designer bags

One of the last bags designed by Karl Lagerfeld, the Chanel 19 Bag is inspired by the classic 2.55 bag which was designed by Coco Chanel in February 1955 and is likely to become the brands next classic.

For a larger tote bag, consider the acrylic and faux pearl-embellished leather tote from Simone Rocha. This stunning bag is shaped and polished to look like a pearl that can also be worn across the body.

Animal-Print Boots

Tap into her wild side with animal print boots that can be worn with a day dress, denim or her favorite little black dress. It’s your choice for the style of boot, from cowboy boots with zebra stripes to leopard print ankle boots from Yves Saint Laurent. If you’re not sure which animal print to choose, try a simple mixed animal print ankle boot with brown-striped zebra and leopard. Slouchy silhouette boots have a sexy look when paired with a LBD, making it perfect for date-night. Knee-high boots look great with skinny jeans.

Hair accessories

Hair accessories are an easy way to change up a look from season to season. Choose from ribbons, scarves, and flowers, but also jewels for fancy occasions, including cascades of Swarovski crystals over the head. Scarves have a hippie and retro vibe depending on the way they are styled, without acting like a cover.

Jewelry gift ideas

There are major trends in jewelry this year. Some of these are new takes on old themes. This makes your gift choices a lot easier, as if they liked a similar style in the past, they’re likely to love the new take by modern designers.

Bold colors

Jewelry is the perfect way to add color to a look. Bright floral and beaded pieces, gemstones and mismatched colors are all about having fun with accessories to make a statement. This trend means it is simple to find awesome anniversary gifts for her since each year is marked by a particular gem that you can match to your gift. Whilst pearl is for 30 years of marriage and diamond for your 60th anniversary, the lesser-known stones include the fifth anniversary stone is sapphire and the 16th peridot.

Super-sized jewelry

Hoop earrings in gold have been supersized to wear with everything from power suits, to LBDs and jeans. Chain-link necklaces have also been seen on the catwalk at far larger sizes than previously. The key to styling an oversized piece of chain-link jewelry is to contrast the size with something more delicate like a single diamond necklace.

Single earrings

Instead of matching earrings, catwalk models were wearing just one earring. Crystal styles that cascaded past the shoulder and ornate gold version earrings are on-trend in an explosion of color. Bright floral and beaded pieces, gemstones and mismatched colors are all about having fun with accessories to make a statement.


Pearls are one of this year’s hair accessory trends, pinned into braids, the base of ballerina buns or dotted through the hair for a romantic touch to glamorous retro hairstyles. You can buy pearl earrings where you have the option of detaching it whenever you wish, leaving a simple hoop earring. 

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