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In the past, wearing white before Memorial Day or past Labor Day was considered a major fashion “don’t.” But as the fashion industry evolves and new trends emerge, many people are becoming less wary of wearing white. In fact,  style expert and author, Jené Luciani puts the unofficial white-wearing season to rest with a few pieces of advice for the new fashion craze.

 “It’s all about breaking the rules,” Luciani said about wearing white. “Michael Kors told me years ago that he wasn’t adhering to that rule anymore and white can really be incorporated all year round!”

 And it has been! With shades to compliment any skin tone, from bright whites for darker skin tones to cream shades for the fair skinned, white is making a statement in every season, and according to Luciani, it is one of the biggest trends on the Fall 2013 runways.

 “It’s considered very on-trend to wear white, in all shades,” Luciani said. “In the summer, the classic season for wearing white, you see cool linens and breezy skirts. Then in the fall, white is worn on chunky knit sweaters over leggings and pants. It’s fun to see white reincarnated every season and how it can change from a cool color, to a cozy shade and a fresh twist.”

 Summer is a great time to begin incorporating bright whites into a wardrobe, especially with breezy linen dresses in style. But sporting the look can prove worrisome for most women with the fear of stains and, of course, the visible undergarments.


In her book, The Bra Book: The Fashion Formula to Finding the Perfect Bra, Luciani explains that the perfect outfit begins with the right foundations. The book highlights the science behind bras and finding the perfect bra to wear under every piece of clothing. Just in time for Labor Day, Luciani provides a few tips to help make breaking those seasonal white-wearing rules successfully:

Fit and Fabric Matters
White looks best when it isn’t too tight or too loose. White also draws more attention to your lower half, and can exaggerate the size of your legs and bottom. So tunics and hi-low tops are your best friend if you don’t want extra attention on your perceived problem areas. Also, white looks especially rich in cotton and linen for the summer.

Nude is a Necessity
Wearing undergarments that are seamless and match your skin tone as closely as possible is crucial when it comes to wearing white. A nude shaping cami like the Cami-Shaper by Genie will keep your bra from showing through while smoothing out lumps and bumps under the sheerest of tops. The last thing you want is someone seeing your bra or undies under the bright summer sun (unless it’s on purpose)!

Wardrobe Must-Haves
Luciani suggests that there are a few key white pieces that all women should have in their wardrobe all-year-round as well, such as a white pair of jeans to dress up or down, and a crisp white blazer that is perfect for every season and can be paired with anything.

“We did certain pieces of my handbag collection Jene by Jene Luciani in a great winter white offset by blush pink lace as well,” she said. “There is a yoga mat holder hobo bag that everyone’s loving and it can be toted all year round, and goes with everything!”

Make it Pop
Luciani says she really likes the monochromatic look of wearing a white top with white bottoms in the summertime, but that breaking it up with a pop of color is usually best.

“I think that someone veers into white-out overload when they’ve got on white shoes, white jewelry, white sunglasses and a white bag,” she said. “I think that if your clothes are all white, that a pop of color in your accessories can really add another layer of interest to your look. The all-white accessories just looks like you’re trying too hard, and besides, who can keep all of that clean?”

So with summer in full swing and fall right around the corner, take the opportunity to experiment with the white-wearing trend! Sport that white linen dress and add a pop of color to really stand out! Keep in mind Luciani’s tips for this trend, from the perfect fit to the perfect colored undergarments, and you are sure to make a statement all year round.

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