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How VR Could Revive Casino Fashion

Have you ever thought about how VR could revive casino fashion? Casino fashion has declined over the years. It’s gone from glamorous to casual, and not without good reason. While we used to see women with backless dresses paired with strappy heels, and men with tuxes and bowties, it’s now more common to see hoodies, jeans, and the occasional accessory or two that poker players in tournaments wear in order to stand out. Basically, casino-goers tend to try and blend in with the crowd rather than draw attention to themselves.

Some see this change as part of a broader trend toward more casual attire –– and it may well be just that. Furthermore, it’s been widely discussed that when all’s said and done, the pandemic will have made us all even more inclined toward comfort over fashion. Where casinos are concerned though, there is one ongoing development that could, somewhat surprisingly, revive the more fashionable looks of old. And oddly enough, we’re talking about the migration of casino gaming to virtual reality. Here are some of the ways in which that migration stands to bring the fashion back.

Two-Way Video

VR could revive casino fashionDuring the pandemic, we’ve seen some odd shifts in casual versus stylish attire. On the one hand, as the Financial Times reports, some companies are embracing a more dressed-down version of “business casual” for employee comfort. But on the other, many people have gotten arguably more focused on appearances for video meetings and Zoom chats with friends than for in-person encounters. It just feels a little more pressing to look nice when you’re seeing a little feed of yourself as you talk to others!

It stands to reason that this has carried into virtual gaming as well. While two-way video isn’t technically VR, in the traditional sense, it does represent one of many ways in which poker is “going virtual.” Friends have linked up over video to play this and other games throughout the pandemic, and we have a sneaking suspicion many of them have spent a few extra minutes picking out shirts and touching up their hair to do so. Virtual poker, in this sense, may just be a more fashion-forward experience than the real thing.

Interactive Table Games

MINSK, BELARUS - FEBRUARY, 2017: full seamless panorama 360 degrees angle view in interior elite luxury casino with croupiers girls in red style in equirectangular spherical projection. VR content
If you’ve ever seen online or interactive table games, you’ve seen how the designers and developers pay special attention to the look and feel of it all. Everything comes across as realistic, which makes an interactive experience that much more engaging.

The live games at Gala Casino have demonstrated how these experiences work in a way that very closely approximates VR. Across a range of table games (blackjack, roulette, and more), the dealers and game managers dress the part in a fairly tradition sense. That is to say, they maintain the old-school casino image: Impeccably ironed, tailored black suits and nice cuff links for men, and beautiful dresses for women.

Now, this doesn’t mean the people playing these games are similarly dressed up. But if these table games represent a glimpse of the virtual future of casino entertainment, fashion will be a point of emphasis as part of the overall aesthetic.

Virtual Reality And The Metaverse

VR could revive casino fashion

Photo by fauxels on Pexels

Taking things a few steps further, if we see full VR or metaverse casinos in the near future, it may well be that people choose to dress up their avatars in tuxes and gowns in order to visit and play games. After all, it seems that the metaverse is already gearing up for fashion, and users have already started buying clothing with some hefty price tags –– such as a Gucci-Roblox collaboration handbag that sold for about $4,000. While clothing for your avatar shouldn’t be nearly that expensive, it could be that you’ll be able to splurge on your digital clothes just as you would tangible clothes in real life.

Some may scoff at the idea, but don’t be surprised if we see a lot of fancily dressed avatars strutting around virtual casinos in a few years’ time.

Real-World Effect

On a different note entirely, it could also be that as casinos inevitably go more virtual, in-person brick-and-mortar casinos might become more geared toward special occasions or events. A night at the casino might become less routine and more of a treat –– a fancy night out, like a trip to a nice restaurant in lieu of cooking at home. If this is the case, we might see dress codes inching back toward formal, even as the majority of casino gaming activity moves into virtual and video realms.

Whatever the case, remember in the meantime that you can dress up wherever you’d like! Whether it’s wearing a little black dress in a real casino or glamming up for poker night on Zoom, you can be all set to impress. We hope you enjoyed reading, and for more fashion and beauty ideas, visit us again soon.

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