How to Style Yourself This Summer

style yourself this summer

Styling yourself during the hot summer months requires you to find clothing that keeps you cool and feels comfortable. Whether you’re finding clothes for the workplace or outfits for your personal life, you will be able to find clothes that make you feel great and give you that summer feeling.

Below, we have covered some top tips for styling yourself with comfy clothes and eye-catching accessories for your summer wardrobe.

Show Some Skin

When the weather is hot and humid, it’s the perfect opportunity to show some skin (within reason, of course)! Don’t be afraid to get your arms and legs out and catch a tan in these areas of your body.

Get yourself some mini dresses or loose shorts to pair with a tank top or crop top, and create the perfect summer outfits. Showing some skin allows you to feel cool and comfortable, even on the hottest days of the year.

Wear Clothes Made With Lightweight Fabrics

Summer is the perfect time for choosing clothing made from lightweight, breathable fabrics.

Go for items made out of cotton, linen, lace, or silk to keep yourself cool and allow your skin to breathe in hot and humid weather. Avoid heavy materials like wool, nylon, and polyester, which could cause you to become too hot and sweaty during the summer months.

Choose Lighter Colours

Lighter colours reflect sunlight, keeping you cool during warmer days. Choose clothes that are white, beige, and pastel colours, and consider mixing and matching various colours to build new outfits. You can also pair your light summer clothes with accessories to add vibrancy and colour to your outfits.

Incorporate Patterns and Prints

Summer is a great time for experimenting with your style. Consider buying clothing with various patterns and prints that you can mix and match to create unique outfits that give you a boost of confidence.

Think about stripy, polka dot, geometric, and floral prints to build a fabulous summer wardrobe. You can make things fun and interesting by trying new patterns that you previously wouldn’t have had the confidence to wear.

Choose Appropriate Footwear

It’s important to choose the right type of footwear for summer time. When the weather is warm, you will need to choose footwear that allows your feet to breathe. Choosing appropriate footwear reduces excess moisture and sweat from building up and causing your feet to develop a nasty odour.

For both men and women, sandals, loafers, canvas shoes are great choices. Avoid heavy, closed footwear like boots that can cause your feet to get too hot.

Of course, you will need to consider the occasion. If you’re heading to work, you may need to wear closed-toe shoes if you’re required to wear formal attire. In this case, focus on making your clothing as lightweight as possible to keep your body nice and cool during the warm summer months.

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