Face Forward: Helping Domestic Violence Victims

Deborah Alessi
Founder of the Face Forward Organization.
I founded Face Forward in 2007 to provide pro bono physical and emotional reconstruction for battered men, women and children victimized by domestic violence. Before I began my non-profit to help survivors, I once was a victim of domestic violence myself. While attending Glasgow University in my native country of Scotland, I was involved in an abusive relationship with my ex-boyfriend, whom I was dating at the time.
After receiving my degree, I moved to the Middle East to escape from my abusive past and to start my career in the aviation industry. After working for the royal family of Bahrain, I moved to the United States to advance my career at the top of the aviation industry.
I have always been an advocate of ending domestic violence, but did not think of creating the non-profit, Face Forward, until I met my husband, Dr. David Alessi, renowned facial reconstructive surgeon. For many years I took care of numerous indigent trauma patients when they had no other doctor to turn to for reconstruction. I’ve realized that, although these patients could be physically repaired, there was inadequate aftercare support systems in place.
With my strong passion for ending domestic violence, and Dr. Alessi’s expertise in the field of facial reconstruction, our mission as an organization and contributor for Cliche Magazine is to bring readers pertinent information and to create awareness, empowerment and emotional and physical transformation to those affected by this terrible epidemic, as well as make people aware of the signs of an abuser.
Face Forward’s overall mission is to provide physical and emotional reconstruction for men, women and children who have been victimized by domestic or gang related violence. Face Forward vows to provide each victim with the best possible treatment pro bono.
Today, Face Forward is able to provide treatment for hundreds of survivors of domestic violence. More than 90% of all donations are directed toward victim treatment and recovery. I have dedicated my life to this cause, and I lead the Face Forward team year-round.
Face Forward welcomes any questions you may have. You can also visit us at
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