It’s You, Not Me Episode 4

In the 4th episode of It’s You, Not Me, we find Karen starting to believe that maybe “her type of men” is a little too broad. She is ready for a real click with someone, so could a musician do better than a suit-and-tie? They have a reputation for being dangerous and mysterious, and also interesting, creative, and passionate. Will James be the interesting guy she needs or the interesting guy that makes you run for the door?

Luke also decides to go in another direction with online dating; however, his hot, playful blonde with some baggage seems a little familiar. Sooner or later they will find qualities that either make or break these dates. Take a moment to go behind the scenes with the production team and read interviews with the cast members  who gave some fascinating insight to their characters and the episode itself. Also don’t miss It’s You, Not Me Episode 4 this Friday, April 18 on!

Director: Lauren Patrice Nadler
Cinematographer & Editor Abe Portillo

Read on for cast interviews!

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