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Earth Tones in Fashion are for Life, not Just for Fall

Earth Tones for Fashion

Today we’d like to discuss earth tones in fashion. The dawning of September still means one thing and one thing only – most of us are just about ready for fall! For whatever reason, the ninth month in our calendar just feels like it should be about crisp leaves, cooling temperatures, and all of the cozy additions that come with them.

This is true even though autumn doesn’t technically start until the end of September (yes, really!), and it means that this month is typically the best time to get your autumn wardrobe in gear. After all, this is when you’re most in tune with those autumnal hints and colors, and don’t yet miss summer enough to resist the changing seasons. It’s also the time when brands like Hometown Heritage Boutique are deep into releasing their fall collections. And, no matter how those collections vary, you can be sure of one thing – earth tones will inevitably feature. 

An earthy color palette is the best thing about fall, without question. From falling leaves to pumpkin-spiced lattes, we just can’t get enough of burnt orange, toffee apple, and woody browns right about now. But, what if we were to tell you that the fall clothes you stock up on now could work in your wardrobe for more than just this one season? Yes, you heard it here first – fall clothes are for all year round, and we’re going to consider why. 

Natural vibes only

You are what you wear, as the fashion Gods say, meaning that earthy natural tones have got to be a good thing. After all, everyone wants to be more in touch with nature, and earthy tones or fall outfits are a great way to do that even when you can’t get outside. Whether you go all-out earthy or simply opt for earthy accessories and key pieces, you can create a way more zen wardrobe with earth tones all-round. Just think, your family wouldn’t even be able to find you during a calming walk in the woods, you would just blend right in. Plus, you would look right at home next to the office houseplants! 

Seriously, though, adding a sprig of natural fashion to your style choices can really help to balance your outfits, your mood, and the feelings of those around you.

Great neutral bases

While we may typically think of cream or beige when opting for neutrals, a lot of earth tones are also neutrals. From clay reds to slate grays and beyond, choosing key wardrobe pieces like jackets, tops, and dresses in these shades makes it far easier to mix and match great outfits at all times. For understated fashion, it certainly doesn’t get better than naturally muted earth options. 

Earthy accessories are also great for this reason. With earth-tone scarves, hats, and jewelry, you’ll be able to find the perfect match for every outfit, as well as ensuring ensembles that always work together. By pairing something like a moss green necklace with an emerald dress, you should also find that you can more easily make bold, bright colors work without ever being too over-the-top.

A comforting kind of fashion

There are some striking earth-tone high heels and strappy dresses out there, but this color palette also really lends itself to comfortable fashion that can still look amazing. A focus on earth colors for fall has especially seen designers focusing on baggy brown jumpers, flowing green trousers, and burnt orange cardigans that you could literally get lost in. 

For obvious reasons, this is a fashion focus that we all love throughout fall and winter, but it’s possible to benefit from comfortable earth shades throughout spring and summer, too. After all, an earthy palette works well with hippy vibes. Hippy chic styling typically involves loose, flowy wardrobe items including unshaped dresses and hareem pants that will make it feel like you’re wearing your PJs while still ensuring the utmost chic styling.

Looks like your favorite celebs

You can bet celebs have noticed and kept up with the ever-growing earth tones trend. And, guess what? Most of them haven’t just done so for fall. As can be seen from this Mega article, celebs including Gabbi Garcia and Sue Ramirez are actively proving how well earthy tones can work for a summer wardrobe. 

Earth tones even made it to his summer’s red carpet thanks to celebs like Chloe Bailey, whose moss green dress most certainly didn’t look out of place for a summer’s evening. And, if Chloe Bailey can make earth tones look great all year round, then why can’t you?

How to wear earth tones all year

While earth tones might have the ability to work all year round, ensuring that they do all comes down to how well you wear and style them. Top tips for fool-proof earth tone pairings include – 

  • Layering: Earth tones look best when layered with other muted shades, so try to think about your entire outfit, rather than one earth tone piece. From brown teddy jackets to gray pencil skirts paired with a pebble shirt, you want to build on earth pieces to add depth, warmth, and texture to your outfits. 
  • Focus on texture: Earth tones bring a natural sense of texture to any outfit, and you can exaggerate that existing benefit with a focus on textured pieces that include everything from knit pieces in fall/winter, to silky or leathery earth tones for spring/summer. 
  • Make it fun: There’s a misconception that earth tones need to be boring, but that’s simply not the case. In reality, you can have a whole lot of fun with mixing and matching seemingly ill-suited earth shades (slate gray and rose pink, anyone?), or even opting for earth tones in patterns like floral or even animal print. 

However you choose to do it, though, it’s past time that you invited at least a splash of these earth tones into your wardrobe all year round. Trust us, you’ll thank us for it when fashion is much easier for you to get right next summer and beyond! 

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