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Diamond Jewelers Who Value Consumer Education

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A diamond is not only one of the most sentimental purchases you’ll ever make, it’s one of the most important purchases to be sure you get right when you’re about to invest in something as valuable as a gorgeous diamond. A jeweler or jewelry provider that values educating the consumer before they buy a diamond shows that they truly care about consumers getting the best value possible for the money spent on diamond jewelry.

This thoughtfulness goes a long way towards building trust, something that’s crucial when you’re making a major purchase from a jeweler. Reputable jewelers like Mervis Diamond, among many others, know the importance of educating consumers to create loyal customers for life. When consumers have a great experience, they’ll probably come back, and may even refer their friends.
Education Areas Ideally Covered

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The areas you want to be educated in when you’re choosing a diamond include the basics like the four C’s, Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat Weight.  Good jewelers like Mervis Diamond will make sure you understand the importance of every aspect of a diamond and subtle differences that can add extra value or attractiveness. Some jewelers will even have helpful online tutorials that you can reference at any time.
Another area you should be educated in is the value of a report done by the GIA about your soon-to-be new diamond. The GIA is the Gemological Institute of America. They can provide an in-depth report about all the nuances of a diamond you’re considering. Other smart things to consider when you buy a diamond include:
– A Laser Inscription – You can ask to have a laser inscription of the GIA report number placed on your diamond. This is for your protection in case your diamond is ever stolen or lost. It can help prove that it is your diamond, since every report number is assigned individually.
– Insist on a Diamond Grading Report – When you buy your diamond, it’s smart to ask for a diamond grading report from the GIA, or a report from the IGI, the International Gemological Institute. This gives you an in-depth look into the nuances that are specific to your diamond.
– Purchase Protection – Find out from your jeweler what levels of purchase protection they offer. This can include a warranty, an appraisal of the worth of your diamond, and insurance. Most diamond sellers and suppliers like Mervis and others will offer some type of consumer protection.
Other Great Services Provided by a Reputable Jeweler
diamond ring photoAnother thing to look for in a reputable jeweler is private space provided to you while you’re learning about your diamond. It’s nice when jewelers provide a separate, private room for viewing your diamond, and for learning about what you’re buying, without distractions from sales people or from other customers.
You always hope that your professional jeweler will be straightforward with you and will provide honest answers to your questions, to the best of their knowledge. This helps you develop confidence in your jeweler as a true professional that you want to continue to do business with. Your diamond purchase is too important to be left to chance. That’s why a reputable professional diamond provider or jeweler is always the best choice.
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