Delphine the Label’s Anthropoda Collection

Delphine the Label is a relatively new Australian women’s fashion brand that launched in 2015. It began as a way to capture Australian street style and the young, sophisticated fashionista who was envisioned with the creation of the label. The website describes its ideal personality for the label: “Delphine is for the dreamer, the seductress, and the driven. [It is] for the carvers of their own mark, for those who open their minds, but stay switched on; who keep their feet on the ground, but run fast; who have high expectations and are ready to reveal the confident character within.”


The label promises new collections for each season that provide a fresh take on trending styles. This particular Arthropoda Collection consists of mostly dark reds, blues, and blacks with asymmetrical designs. The basic, solid colors when paired with high-fashion designs add a sense of chic sophistication and make the simple colors visually stunning on the models. The dresses are accessorized with long-draping sleeves, off-the shoulder necklines, and black belt buckles tied around the waist. The pants are paired with high-cut crop tops, sleek, long-sleeved V-necks, and leather peplums. The skirts in the collection are characterized by their ruffled knee-length hem, their high slit, and their centered zipper.

There is a tie in my mind between my two favorite pieces. The first is the black cocktail dress with an asymmetrical hem and ruffles along the bottom. It’s conjuring up images of Cher in all her ‘70s glory wearing this to a salsa lesson and I love both Cher and salsa. The second is the purple and black crop top with the high-waisted black pants. I find all too often brands fail to get the proportions right when it comes to making plunge cuts on dresses and tops. When they are wrong, its usually because they design the plunge too wide, making your shoulders look broader than they are and creating a gap between the space above your armpits and the blouse where there should not be. The Echo Crop Top looks flawless and the cut of the crop top and the pants make the model look about ten feet tall, which, if you’re short like me, is a very good thing. The proportions are perfect for making everyone’s legs grow a couple of inches and if you are already tall, you can expect to own the room in this.

The promotional video for this collection was shot in an evergreen forest reflecting the relationship between the collection’s inspiration—arthropods like butterflies, scorpions, spiders, and beetles—and the clothing’s style. The variation in arthropods from harmful to harmless evokes a sense of mystery to the woman who wears the brand and seems to say that she might be beautiful, but she might also bite.

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Delphine the Label’s Anthropoda Collection: Photographs courtesy of  Delphine the Label

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