Dan Liu’s Spring/Summer 2017 Collection

Canadian fashion designer Dan Liu founded his label for the mature fashionista and his new collection plays on the setting of a Parisian cafe. He focuses on lace, crochet, and knit detailing and his collection features dresses almost exclusively. The designs evoke a sense of whim and romance with pastel colors and floral designs frequenting the runway. In the height of summer, we wanted to bring you these designs straight from the New York runway and inspire you to take on the season like a Parisian.


The runway show commences with a model sitting down at a small café table stage right. She picks up a rose in a glass vase at the center of the table and holds it to her nose, smiling to herself. She wears a pastel pink dress with floral lace embellishments and seems to engage in conversation with someone off-stage. Finally, she gazes at the rose as she rises from her seat and walks the runway. The dresses that follow are visually similar—conservative with cap and mid-length sleeves and cut just above the knee. One main element of the collection is the marriage of black and dark blue colors with pastel designs giving an edgy vibe to otherwise fairly traditional dresses.

In an interview with New York Fashion Week Live, Liu opens up about the relationship between designers and models. He discusses how the success of the show depends on making the models feel beautiful before they walk the runway. He comments, “Fashion, from my point of view, is so who you are. So if they feel it’s not who they are, and they just walk out for their job, the show will never look good. My dress will never look good.”

He goes on to say how when he designed these dresses, he had real people in mind and believes his dresses are very wearable on and off stage. Liu calls his runway show “New Path” and in an interview with CCTV America’s Michelle Makori, Liu says, “It’s not just a new path for my company. It’s a new path for my design, for my clients, for my customers.”

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Dan Liu’s Spring/Summer 2017 Collection: Images Courtesy of Pedro Alcantara

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