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The Ultimate Jacket Care Guide

Your ultimate jacket care guide. Do you have one jacket that you couldn’t live without?  That leather jacket which looks beaten up, but to you it’s perfect.  How about the quilted parka jacket that keeps you so warm during the blistery winter months that you could never part with it?  Sounds about right?

Depending on where you live, one could have a mild or harsh winter but weather elements will always take a toll on your fashionable outerwear.  You may not think about it often, but your outerwear needs caring for just like any other garment. Each clothing item has it’s own washing instructions, fabric stain treatment and handy tips and tricks to help care for it, and jackets are no exception. For example, did you know that a new denim jacket shouldn’t be washed for the first 6 months or it’ll lose its shape?
No need to spend tons of money on dry cleaning this winter.  Chances are you have more than one jacket and those costs can add up quickly.  In fact there are genuine DIY solutions for making your favorite jacket look as good as new.  So what do you need to do to make sure your jackets in perfect condition this winter?
Superdry has created an ultimate jacket care guide, which includes all the tips and tricks you’ll need to ensure your outerwear stays in top condition – it might inspire you to give a little TLC to your other garments too!  We cover more than just one type of jacket.  Our beautiful and well organized info graphic covers denim jackets, bomber jackets, leather jackets and of course the popular suede and parka jackets.  We even provide a really nice table that shows you how to clean different types of stains for different jacket types?  Ready to save some money and get those jackets in tip top shape for winter?
You can take a look at the The Ultimate Jacket Care Guide infographic below…
Superdry – The Ultimate Jacket Care Guide
Provided by Superdry
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