Claudia Anicy Manuguian & The Passion of A Fashion Designer

Claudia Anicy Manuguian is a fashion designer and CEO of her collection. Her pieces are original and hand made using natural fibers. Manuguian has a strong background in Italian design and was awarded the title of Fashion Designer, Fashion Coordinator and Product Manager during her studies. The Anicy Manuguian collection features a sophisticated design with fibers such as Alpaca, Baby Alpaca, Pima Cotton, Natural Cotton, Natural Wool, and other pure materials.


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Baby Alpaca

This fiber is known as one of the superstars within the Anicy Manugian brand because it contains 100% natural luxury fiber. Baby alpaca wool is made from the shearing of the animal without causing any animal sacrifice or harm. This yarn is highly durable and long-lasting because of its elegance and luxury in the world market.

  • Baby Alpaca is hypoallergenic and lightweight.
  • It keeps your body warm while remaining dry-fit and water-repellant. It maintains the body’s natural temperature.
  • This yarn is thinner and finer than wool.
  • It does not gather dust and remains clean.
  • Perfumes and body odor do not transfer to the garment.


Pima Cotton

Pima cotton is a superior fiber within the Anicy Manuguian brand because of its length and strength. A longer fiber prevents fiber ends from being exposed on the surface. This results in a silkier, smoother material that holds its shape, resists pilling and last a long time. Pima is the strongest of all cotton and contains a rich, deep color.

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Celebrities Who Have Worn Anicy Manugian

Carmen Electra

Silvia Kal

Lil Mama

Briana Evigan

Draya Michele

Danielle Nicolet

Natalie Halcro

Billie Lourd

Claudia Jordan

Jordin Sparks

Carola Correa

Jamee Natellas

Regina Hall

Jeryl Prescott

Natalie Halcro


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What was the drive/main reason that you wanted to start your fashion line? What was your Inspiration?

The reason I started my fashion Line was because I won an International Contest for a Fashion Design called “Largo I Giovanni” during 1998. When I was living in Italy organized by Vogue Italia and Collezioni Donna Magazine where the focus was to discover New Talents around the world. At that time, I decided to participate with a hand made knitwear collection made with alpaca and natural wool completely hand dyed.


What do you see as the future of sustainable fashion?

I think sustainable fashion is the future for fashion because the world needs a chance of conscious. The climate change and global warming are appearing in the news. Natural materials are an important focus for sustainable fashion that wants to show their product as a new and modern design proposal to respect the environment.


What do you want women to know who purchase your brand?

I would like my customers to know Anicy Manuguian as a fashion proposal brand that has different values that we consider important for our philosophy. We work with certified fair trade companies for our production of the Pret a Porter line. We love to be close to the people who made our production. Every hand made dress of our Couture and Bridal line is a piece of art made with love and passion for a very expert artisan. We believe that help is also a focus and for that reason we collaborate with artisans who needs work to support their families. We teach them and we incorporate them in a group of work. This collection is a luxury gift because it is handmade. We use the best type of natural fiber like baby alpaca, Pima cotton and silk for the Couture line.

We propose our line to the customers as a sustainable luxury brand with a vision for the future.


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