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Celebrity Style Files: Cupcakke

Female rappers are known for having a punchy, eye-catching style that mixes their humble roots, with their newfound status, and Chicago rapper Cupcakke is no exception! We at Cliché love a celebrity with an eye-catching style that is not only stylish but seems personal to the celebrity themselves! Cupcakke, real name Elizabeth Eden Harris, has already proven herself to be a force to be reckoned with in the world of rap, but other than her lyrics, the thing that has people constantly stunned, is her style! She’s never afraid to be a bit revealing, as seen in her many outfits that include sheer tops, and she’s always ready to make a statement! Cupcakke is constantly mixing high fashion pieces, such as Gucci or Louis Vuitton bags with clothing she finds at thrift stores, or even lower-end stores like Kohls. She has made it very clear, through her style, and her lyrics that fame and money will not change her love for more affordable brands. We especially love Cupcakke’s penchant for bright colors, patterns, and interesting fabrics. Cupcakke seems to have a preference for two-tone tie-dye, and camo fabrics, as well as a love of matching set pieces, denim, fur, and leather, as well as bright colors like orange or pink. She is the perfect example of style on a budget!


To sum it up, Cupcakke is always trying something new and risky whether it comes to music or fashion and we couldn’t be happier! For those of us who love seeing celebrities that aren’t afraid of trying something different, and those who enjoy being able to replicate or get inspired from their favorite celebrity’s street fashion, Cupcakke is the perfect mix of both with her stunning looks, no matter where she shops!


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Celebrity Style Files: Cupcakke: Photo Credits: @CupcakKe_rapper on Twitter and Pitchfork

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