Back To School Trends: 3 Tips To Strut The Halls In Style

Nights are getting shorter, notebooks and pencils dominate the aisles of your local Target, and suddenly conversation has turned from pool parties to schedules. This can only mean one thing: school is, unfortunately, back in session. Whether you’re finishing out your senior year at university or starting your freshman year of high school, personal style is never more important than it is at the beginning of the year. While I made some pretty poor style choices in school (read: gauchos, hair feathers, and Aeropostale hoodies galore), I have since found my way in the fashion world. Here are three tips to help you avoid the mistakes I made…over and over.


Keep it trendy…but not too trendy.

Step into the halls with your best foot forward by picking a first day outfit that features something totally trendy and unique. Your outfit should be understated, but still leave your classmates wondering exactly how many fashion weeks you’ve attended (even if it’s zero). My suggestion? One super fashion forward, totally you accessory. Personally, I would take a hint from NYFW and go for something a little western, like this studded and embroidered leather jacket.

A cool bag is a MUST.

If you’re going to be carrying an accessory around every single day, you may as well make a statement. Save the Jansport bag for gym class and dare to take your backpack game to the next level. Functionality is key, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. Personally, I’m a rucksack gal, and this gorgeous leather bag from Madewell easily transitions from classroom to Sunday brunch. The key here is to find something that will compliment your wardrobe and add to every outfit—not take away from it. Be sure to pick a material that will last and invest in a piece you can carry post-graduation.


Now is the time where you can try out all sorts of different trends, pieces, and styles. Don’t limit yourself to one vibe at the beginning of the school year like I did. One year, I decided I was totally edgy and too cool for school (pun intended), and I stocked my closet with studs and all black everything. By the time the spring semester rolled around, not only was I completely bored with that look, I didn’t have the money to buy new clothes! Instead of a major back to school shopping spree, purchase a few cool items and keep collecting unique pieces throughout the year. That way, you’ll end up with a ton of variety, and have the freedom to choose from a lot of different looks. Start with a killer pair of statement shoes, like these trendy glittery booties, and go from there.

The most important tip? Find your style, and have fun with it. Purchase pieces that take you a bit out of your comfort zone, and be willing to try something a little different. The halls are your personal runway, so work it!

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