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Anna Sitar Adores Oversharing with 12 Million Besties

Anna Sitar unintentionally catapulted herself to TikTok royalty by posting her relationship goals. Love in all its forms never fails to sweep her off her feet. It’s why she got into creating in the first place. “I will say that I always had a thing for the theme of love,” she says. “Even when I started grad school, they’d ask you, ‘What’s your brand of film? What do you want to make?’ And I always said love stories, just because I think it’s such an emotion that everybody feels, whether it’s with a parent or a pet or a partner, we just love. It’s something that’s continuous that we all will experience at some point in our life and will relate to. When I was starting my channel, it felt like that was my brand. I love love, and it gave me the chance to share that with other people, too.”

Before you seek out a relationship, you should romanticize yourself. Remember that a partner enhances your life, rather than completing it. “I think one of the most valuable things to remember is that it starts with yourself and the relationship that you have to yourself before you bring somebody else in. I think that’s something that I tried to practice the most when I was dating and out in that world. I knew that I was already whole as one, so bringing somebody else in was a cherry on top. My life didn’t revolve around them and it wasn’t as though I couldn’t survive without them. As confident as that sounds, it’s valuable to know that they’re an added bonus to how great you already are. Every person is so wonderful as an individual that bringing in somebody else who makes you better is only an added advantage to your individuality. So looking for somebody who you can learn from, who teaches you, who’s loving and kind and compassionate, but also understands the balance of individuality and relationship.” 

Her boyfriend, fellow TikToker Josh Brubaker, incentivizes her to excel at content creation and savor each moment of every day. “He is teaching me every day. He’s somebody who I admire. Even when I first met him, his drive and devotion and work ethic made me want to be better in what I do. He made my life feel so exciting as it was. I’ve been filming and content creating and capturing all these different moments of my life for the last three years. To have somebody who makes me want to put my phone down, makes someone just enjoy their time and enjoy their company is such a blessing. I’d say he’s that for me for sure.” After all, sometimes the most precious moments are private. “There’s always going to be those pictures on my phone that are the ones you treasure the most that the world never sees. They exude joy.”

Despite having over 12 million followers, Anna regards all of them as her friends. Authenticity cultivates a bond of warmth and trust. “They know way too much about me to just be followers,” she laughs. “I’m an oversharer on the internet, which is a good thing, because I think that that involves a sense of vulnerability and it lets people know that they’re less alone and gives them a chance to connect over something. They always have support. My community is the best on the planet. Every time that I get to meet anybody from it, it’s just pure joy and excitement, like running into a friend. They’re up to date on my life and they know what we’re doing. It’s exciting to hear their story and know how they’ve been, what their week looks like, what they’ve been up to. You’re just catching up with an old friend.” An audience of millions can easily become one-on-one. “TikTok is so intimate that sometimes it feels like I’m on FaceTime with my friends. Even when I watch my videos back, I’m like, ‘This is literally what a call with my best friend would sound like.’ I love that perspective with social media.”

Anna recently had the opportunity to attend Paris Fashion Week! Her head is still spinning from the haute couture. “It’s breathtaking. It’s a little stressful, but every time I go, I feel like I’m living in a different reality. I feel so out of place in a way, but also safe there, which is fun. This is my second time going to Paris for the spring fashion week. I went in the fall too. I love Paris, I love France, I love traveling. So just getting to see the city is one thing, but having the same perspective of the high fashion side and being able to share that with my community and the fact that I feel so normal being there is wonderful. I would’ve wanted to see these behind the scenes when I was watching social media, before I was a content creator, before I had a channel or anything. It’s so cool to get to break down those walls and show people what it really looks like. And it’s a totally different experience to go for fashion week than when you go traveling for fun.” Paris offered her a fresh wellspring of inspiration. Being in a new environment can unearth a plethora of new ideas. “I love a change of scenery. I love a new setting to work in. I feel like when I’m traveling, sometimes it’s difficult because I’m out of my rhythm at home. I wake up, I make my video, I get my coffee, I make my video. It feels like such a fluid line, but when you’re traveling, it’s a constant change of pace. It’s a constant change of scene. I feel like that sparks new creativity. The flexibility and the fluidity of never knowing what’s coming next gives you a chance to capture and create and document all these other different life experiences that aren’t in your normal realm.”

She’s learned to trust fate, even when it might surprise you or feel impractical. “I didn’t know a career like this existed when I was in school. The creative space is such a risky thing to jump into because you always hear, ‘You might not succeed.’ And so it’s exciting that it worked out exactly as it was supposed to. No matter what career path it took and whatever winding road it took me to get here, it ended up being exactly where I needed to be.” The doors in front of her are manifold and multicolored. “I  always spread myself wide in different fun skills and talents and things. I’m in that era of just trying new things. I think that’s what’s the most exciting is getting to explore different mediums, whether it’s podcasting or acting or filmmaking, which I’ve done in the past from my master’s degree. I feel like you never know what the possibilities could be because they’re endless, especially in a career like this where it’s creative and it’s so self-driven, powered by what you want to be able to achieve and where you see yourself. I don’t know what’s in store.”

We must learn to relish the journey instead of rushing it. “A friend once told me that you can either be a sailboat or a speedboat in life. A speedboat knows their final destination and is racing there, but a sailboat just goes where the wind takes it. I’ve always seen myself as more of a sailboat and in that scenario of just going with the flow and stopping at whatever islands along the way and hanging out there for a little bit. That’s what I’m thinking. It’s in the future for sure.” Anna is confident that the wind will remain in her sails. 

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Anna Sitar Adores Oversharing with 12 Million Besties. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Anna Sitar.