Activewear: All in the Family With Mira Rae

Workout and activewear have become a growing need for women all over, but finding stylish pieces is a bit more difficult than we would like to think. Having an activewear collection that focuses on overall design, beauty, and movement while incorporating various cultures is quite hard to find. Local designer and former Project Runway competitor Althea Harper and her partners have been working on creating a unique, one-of-a-kind collection that fits all of your activewear needs.

Inspired by the femininity, colors, and history of India, the founders and designers behind the new family activewear company, Mira Rae, bring you a new kind of style that definitely stands out from all the rest.

Harper, the lead designer for Mira Rae, expressed how special this collection was by outlining their brand’s principal foundations: ancient inspiration and modern style.

“India is home to yoga and so much beautiful architecture and art,” Harper says. “In addition, Indian clothing has so much movement, femininity, and color. We wanted to create clothing that would incorporate this beauty and history behind it. Also, we wanted it to be functional to wear to the gym and stylish enough to run errands or do daily activities.”

Mira Rae’s unique fabrics and designs make them different from any other activewear brand out there, and their use of drapes and Indian high-fashion pieces are to thank for that.
“We also use high-end fabrics for the best quality of athletic clothes,” Harper explains. “This enables us to achieve the drape and feel of a designer garment in an activewear piece.”

Harper also spoke about how her experience in design has aided in making the brand’s collection diverse.

“With my background in upscale clothing, the quality and attention to details is much more apparent than in other activewear brands,” Harper says. “We are more stylish and incorporate more drape to our silhouettes that you normally do not find in athletic wear.”
But it isn’t just their design that stands out. The designers behind Mira Rae have also taken a stand on incorporating family values into their collection. In doing so, they have created a women’s, girls’, and toddler activewear line that is complete with a “mommy and me” collection, which allows mothers and daughters to match while they are together.
“Family, community, and the idea that yoga brings us together are very important to us,” Harper says. “The ‘mommy and me’ matching pieces are something that have been missing from athletic wear.”
The collection features a wide variety of sizes ranging from toddler 2T to women’s large, which is exactly the type of diversifying factor that has been missing from the market.

“These are the unique elements that we wanted to shape the company and we have been able to implement all of them,” Harper says. “I have a 2-year-old daughter and I love to run around with her in matching looks.”

Harper let us in on their new fall collection that they are working on, which will feature tons of new Indian colors, designs, and textures.

“We have some silhouettes that are new to athletic wear, but are functional and work beautifully, in addition to some unique quality fabrics that are both so luxe and comfortable,” Harper says.

Among their current collection, however, Harper says her favorite pieces are the Riya Jumpsuit and Raina Jogger. While the jumpsuit’s silhouette design creates a more flattering and forgiving everyday look compared to most jumpsuits, the Raina Jogger is a close second due to its mobility that is perfect for working out in.

“I love the jumpsuit because it is so comfortable and stylish,” Harper says. “I wear this multiple times a week! The jogger’s fabric is very light and breathes well so you do not get too hot in the gym. It’s a stylish alternative to leggings!”

Harper and the other designers at Mira Rae are going to continue building their girls’ line, as well as adding to their unique textures and styles with more Indian influences. Check out their entire collection at

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