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Iconic British Accessories

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Today we want talk about iconic British accessories.  When it comes to accessorizing, there’s a certain aesthetic that the British fashion industry has always achieved.  A blend of honest, classic and at times eccentric, British accessories and British made brands have put this country on the map for very specific styles.

Iconic designers like Vivienne Westwood, Ted Baker, Alexander McQueen, Burberry, and countless other renowned brands have made Britain one of the fashion hotspots of the world.  To celebrate this uniquely British heritage, we’ve decided to spotlight some gorgeous British made gifts for Her, and how you can up your aesthetic as summer gets into full, fashionable swing.

The Satchel

iconic British accessories

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Iconic in its own right, the leather satchel grew from humble beginnings as the go-to accessory for British students into a must-have accessory that speaks volumes. And when you think of a leather satchel you think of Cambridge, right? With it’s gothic spires and deliciously academic vibes, Cambridge is where the leather satchel is most famous, and where it rightly draws our minds when we think of it.

But now the satchel is equally at home in the pages of Vogue, or on the glitzy catwalks of the most iconic fashion shows around the world. It’s no longer just a bag to carry notebooks and rulers, it’s a statement. A representation of elegance, history and classic style for everyday wear.

Bow Ties

But wait, aren’t bow ties for men? You ask. Traditionally, you might be right. But it’s just as acceptable for all genders to don this iconic statement piece.  While the bow tie might make you think of sharp suits, black tie events and champagne (for which you’d be 100% right, because what a look), the bow tie has transcended the typically elegant realm of formal dress into street style and catwalk fashion.

From the traditionally small and sharp bow to a droopy affair on the front of a blouse, the bow tie, once symbolic of landed gentry, has become an iconic accessory with a fresh look while harking back to an era of decadence and luxury.

The Silk Scarf

iconic British accessories

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Loved by women all around the country, the silk scarf looks just as home walking through the wild and windy British countryside as it does adorning professional women in the heart of London. From classic and subdued to retro, and wild patterns, there really is a silk scarf for everyone.

Crafted by household name designers like Liberty, Burberry and Alexander McQueen, the silk scarf has become totally at home on the catwalk, in glossy magazines and on the streets of British cities. The silk scarf is even the Queen’s favorite accessory, and if it’s good enough for Liz …

If you’re looking for a way to wear a silk scarf in a slightly more modern way try looking up how to wear it as a halter, or simply style as a head scarf.


Another typically British accessory, is the brogue. While we see the beginnings of this particular type of footwear in Irish and Scottish culture, where it wasn’t actually deemed suitable for formal or social occasions, the brogue has ascended the rungs of the cultural ladder and finds itself, now, one of the most iconic styles of footwear in Britain.

From the typical full brogue (also known as the wing-tip in America) to the longwing, brogues are about as quintessentially British as jam and cream scones. Plus, you’re just as likely to find women wearing these shoes as men, with their flattering shape and desirable quality.

The brogue is synonymous with that similar academic aesthetic as the satchel, but has gone even further and is worn by business women, street stylers, go-getters and vintage lovers everywhere. Think British? Think brogues.

iconic British accessories

noskill1343 / Pixabay

Trench Coats

We couldn’t very well shine a light on iconic British accessories without mentioning the trench coat now, could we? And while it is technically a coat, anything that has the power to elevate an outfit is an accessory in our opinion.

With its roots firmly planted in British military history, the trench coat was invented by two British manufacturers, Burberry and Aquascutum in the 1800’s. It became an optional item of dress within the British Army, to a select few ranking officials. And the rest, as they say, is history.

And now the trench coat has retained its status as one of the most iconic British fashion items all these years later.

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