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A Stylish, Iconic Legend: Marilyn Monroe’s Fashion Sense Changed the Industry Forever

Marilyn Monroe's Fashion Sense

Andrew Dominik’s “Blonde,” a 2022 movie starring Ana de Armas, reimagines the glamorous yet tragic life of the femininity and sensuality icon Marilyn Monroe. However, this film project not only shows why she is one of the most influential figures in pop culture but also recreates the blonde bombshell’s most iconic and unforgettable looks. Although Marilyn was in the public eye for a short time compared to other celebrities, she revolutionized fashion forever. From her voluminous platinum hair to her legendary red lips, Monroe’s look impacted the whole world of fashion, and her style is still felt six decades after her death.

Glamor, Sophistication, and Sensuality

Marilyn was known for her sultry yet soft and glamorous style, with dresses that perfectly fitted her curvy figure. Her timeless outfits range from elegant satin dresses to simply a white button-down shirt and dark blue jeans. Every piece conveyed her essence and sophistication. Monroe was considered the queen of evening gowns, but there is much more than a daring dress-up game and luxurious satins behind her impact on the fashion sphere. She presented a personality as dazzling, sexy, and glamorous as each of her dresses.

“A La Monroe” Red Carpet Style

Besides becoming the most influential figure in fashion in the 1950s, Monroe set an aesthetic code (still in force) for the red carpet. Marilyn’s deep V-neck satin gold dress with opera gloves has been intentionally and unintentionally replicated by multiple Hollywood actresses at major events and award ceremonies.

With form-fitting dresses, often strapless, and showing a little skin without being vulgar, the Marilyn Monroe-style red carpet is still popular and iconic. 60 years after her death, celebrities worldwide seem to remain obsessed with her. Monroe’s mermaid gowns and signature sweetheart necklines made her a fashion legend. As time passes, red carpets, TV commercials, music videos, and movies continue to revive her looks.

Marilyn’s Most Iconic Dresses

Marilyn Monroe's Fashion SenseThere are several gowns people can think of when asked about the most iconic pieces in the blonde bombshell’s wardrobe, including the mythical pleated white dress she wore while standing on a windy subway grating in the 1955 film “The Seven Year Itch.” However, there’s one that reflected how glamorous but tragic her life was and marked her impact on fashion: the gown she wore to wish President John F. Kennedy happy birthday in 1962.

The beautiful nude soufflé gauze full-length evening sheath dress was encrusted with 2500 crystals, all embroidered in a rosette motif. It is still the most expensive personal dress ever sold at auction after Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum paid $4.8 million to get the legendary piece. The actress’s dazzling gown was sewn directly onto her body. As a reminder of how iconic this garment was and how Marilyn’s style influences the fashion sphere today, there’s Kim Kardashian’s controversial decision to wear the stunning dress at the 2022 Met Gala.

Glamor Even in The Simplest Looks

Marilyn’s magic to inject glamor into the simplest outfits was unquestionable. She didn’t need fancy dresses to shine. The movie Le Milliardaire proves that. In one scene, Monroe appears dressed in nothing more than an Irish sweater and black stockings, but the outfit is remembered by hundreds of thousands. Even wearing the most banal clothes, she was a symbol of femininity and elegance. Marilyn was also photographed at her home wearing white cigarette pants and a black turtleneck sweater in 1953, creating a look that epitomizes timeless elegance.

Unpretentious Jewelry to Complement Her Visionary Outfits

Contrary to what many may think, Marilyn did not have a lot of expensive jewelry. Her jewelry collection contained only two items of actual value: a strand of Mikimoto pearls from the Emperor of Japan and Joe DiMaggio’s diamond wedding ring. If she were alive today, the legendary actress would probably have been a handmade jewelry lover, preferring less expensive but more authentic pieces that reflect her unique personality.

Only Marilyn

Marilyn’s impact on arts and fashion is still felt, representing a woman’s freer, sexier, and more glamorous vision!

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