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5 Jackets Every Man Should Own

5 jackets every man should own

Today we’re going to cover eight of the most stylish jackets and futuristic clothing every man should have in their collection. We want to make sure that your spring and fall closet is at its full potential. We’re going to cover eight of the most stylish jackets every man should have in their collection.

Varsity Jacket

No.1 is the varsity jacket whether you’re an athlete or not, every man should have a killer varsity jacket in their collection. Kind of takes you back to those popular high school days and makes you feel like the real sartorial MVP you are. Usually, varsity jackets will feature a cinched cuff, collar, and waist bands. The mid section tends to be a little bit puffier, kind of like the bomber jacket but the biggest difference is that this one has a snap button. On top of that, the particular one is a full leather lambskin one from a company called PalaLeather, which I personally like since it’s almost more high-end with this classic cut. Usually though you will see varsity jackets with some sort of leather combination with other fabric, such as wool. 

Black Moto Biker Jacket

5 jackets every man should ownSecond must-have jacket is the black moto or biker jacket. You’ll see everyone from dapper icon David Beckham to the streetwear king Kanye West rocking one of them. So, it is pretty safe to say it’s a pretty damn stylish piece that us commoners should have in our wardrobe. Now, this one is from a new company called PalaLeather. One thing that I really like that these guys do is that they provide extra custom services. Plus size, oversize, embroidery, patches, logo and many other elements you can ask for to realize for one perfect leather jacket. These tend to fit way better and a more precise fit in combination with their super supple goatskin and lambskin leather. You have a timeless classic piece that looks like you just dropped 2 G’s on it. It will elevate any look you throw that jacket over. 

Blazer and Trench Jacket

Number three is the trench coat. No gentlemen’s closet is complete with that one of these jackets and the great thing is that here you can have a little bit of fun. You can get something plaid or more classic like your basic black, navy or gray. Point is that the jacket has stood the test of time and outlasted any trend that has come and gone. This is a classic must piece for any gentleman’s closet, at least one trench coat. 

Denim Jacket

5 jackets every man should ownNumber four is the denim jacket. A perfect staple piece to own in any wardrobe. It kind of gives you that Americana vibe and it’s great for guys that don’t get to experience super cold winters. If you want something more classic than a darker wash, it’s definitely the way to go. This is the more timeless approach that’ll work great, especially with a smart outfit. However, if you are younger, a lighter wash with some distressing might be a better option to rock with more streetwear type of style. Either way, it’s a great investment. 

Bomber Jacket

Number five is the bomber jacket. Now, I’m going to spend too much time here. A bomber jacket can match everything in your wardrobe. It’s such a classic and versatile piece. Definitely a must-have for any guy. This one from PalaLeather delivers insane amounts of quality, like their goatskin leather, crazy durable hardware and a precise attention to detail that truly puts to shame your basic run of the mill fast fashion leather jacket.

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