5 Etsy Shops You NEED to Browse

For the people who absolutely love finding unique and charming gifts, home décor, or items to just treat yo’ self with, I present to you five Etsy shops you not only need to browse but, more importantly, add to your favorite shops! From beautiful jewels and natural skincare to adorable stationery and planters, these shops not only create items you won’t be able to find in stores, but gifts you can add to any future holiday/occasion lists for your loved ones. Be ready to virtually walk into these shops and start your browser shopping right away — I can’t say I didn’t warn you once your cart starts to list item after item added! For those of you strictly controlling your shopaholic needs, be sure to still send these shops some love by favoriting them or their fabulous products. You’ll welcome these little Etsy shops into your life in a heartbeat. Happy browsing (or shopping), readers! 
(Bathory $15)
(Wrapped $15)
Rose Wolf Fur Reliquary
(Rose Wolf Fur Reliquary $10)
Narcissus Gems
Created by Jessica Lauren in my home state of New Jersey, Narcissus Gems is all about designing one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces that are made to go beautifully with any look you’re wearing. Each piece is intricately detailed, made with eye-catching touches that make them a work of art. Jessica is an absolute gem herself who is focused on making her customers absolutely happy with their purchases. She not only offers a range of gorgeous jewelry pieces, but is open to any requests and custom orders as well. Make your gem goals come true with this gal!
Big Pillow The Unicorn
(Big Pillow “The Unicorn”100% Cotton $27.91)
Buttons Cat Lovers
(Buttons: “Cat Lovers” $8.93)
Miss pink Reindeer
(Miss pink Reindeer $2.23)
Stationed in France, Kriboute showcases a world filled with soft, bright colors and the cutest animals created by shop owner Marion Kriboute. I’m totally guilty of favoriting each one of her intensely adorable products, being that each one is more charming than the next. You’ll believe me as soon as you click the link above and are whisked away into this whimsical wonderland. Filled with unicorns, hues of pink, and sweet sayings, you’ll only wish for more after becoming smitten with this shop. Take a peek at the “Miss Pink Reindeer” that’s too lovely to not stare at. Fill your Instagram feed with Marion’s designs via her Instagram account here.
Dainty Name Necklace
(Dainty Name Necklace $34)
Signature Bracelet
(Memorial Signature Bracelet $34)
Stackable Name Ring
(Stackable Name Ring $26)
Caitlyn Minimalist
Soft, dainty jewelry that still makes a humble statement — you’ll find that all in one piece at Caitlyn Minimalist. Made by Kate Kim of Los Angeles, California, each product is 100% handcrafted with sterling silver into minimal designs for everyday wear. From dainty name necklaces to stackable rings, Caitlyn Minimalist offers pieces that are a must-have for any jewelry lover. Worn alone or layered together, you won’t make a wrong style move with these treasures. The shop is also currently offering a 10% discount on everything — one more reason to add any of their items to your shopping cart. Like Caitlyn Minimalist on Facebook for more updates, discounts, and even inspirational stories here.
Wild Flower Honey Scrub
(Wild Flower Honey Scrub $20)
Beach Rose Beauty Balm
(Beach Rose Beauty Balm $28)
Beach Rose Tooth Powder
(Beach Rose Tooth Powder $20)
I know “Good For You” by Selena Gomez totally came to your mind when reading this Etsy shop’s name; like Selena’s popular song, all of the skincare creations are totally good for you. Made by Jes from Woods Hole, Massachusetts, Good4You was born in 2004 after she found her calling for sharing knowledge about plants and their healing properties. After finding her niche, Jes focused on inspiring people and offering them quality products made from local and organic ingredients. Good4You sells raw ingredients, plant-based skincare, and makeup, which makes it truly a quality-focused shop. You’ll fall in love with not only the ingredients in the products, but the natural beauty of them as well. Follow the shop on Instagram here for more beautiful photos and product info.
Air Plant Hanging Planter
(Neon Macrame Air Plant Hanging Planter with Tillandsia in Pod Planter $20+)
Urchin Air Plant Planter
(Urchin Air Plant Planter Trio with Air Plants $30)
Thrifted and Made
Are you searching for items to bring life into your place but are not sure what to buy? Thrifted and Made, started by Kate of Santa Clara, California, has just the right home décor pieces for you. They’re made to be vibrant, intricate, and add some color and plant life into your home. Kate’s products are either handmade or thrifted by her in which she puts her signature style onto each one. Her colorful and happy plant pieces have been featured in many places,including Elle Decor, Good Housekeeping, and Bust Magazine. Each design creates a lively atmosphere made to promote growth and greenery. Check out behind the scenes photos and more images from the shop via its Facebook and Instagram.  

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