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Why You Should Be Watching TV Land’s “Teachers”

New year, new season of TV Land’s Teachers, aka one of the most underrated comedy shows around. I say this time and time again, but people really need to hop on TV Land’s new format. It’s not all reruns of classic shows, ladies and gents!

“Teachers” is a show about six elementary school teachers who are not the ideal or typical teachers you’re used to seeing being portrayed on television. Not unless, you’re watching the movie Kindergarten Cop with Arnold Schwarzenegger, who uses a different method for teaching his kids… No, these teachers are six women who don’t necessarily have their lives together, but they’re working on it!
Watching this show is like watching your actual life on television but someone else is playing your role. You have the main six characters who all take on unique personalities: Cecilia Cannon, the free-spirited teacher (Caitlin Barlow); Chelsea Snap, the absolute narcissist (Katy Colloton); AJ Feldman, the out of control but laid back teacher we all wish we had (Cate Freedman); Caroline Watson, the hopeless romantic who spends literally ALL her time looking for love (Kate Lambert); Mary Louise Bennigan, the conservative teacher who tries her best to go by the book (Katie O’Brien); and Deb Adler, the angry, rebellious teacher you never want to cross (Kathryn Renee Thomas).

Each character embodies an actual and feasible personality that can easily be depicted on screen. For the most part, teachers are always seen as put together, am I right? Looking back at my own personal childhood, I don’t think I’ve ever seen my own teachers snap or show their true self outside of work. “Teachers” shows you otherwise. They’re human. They need to let out some steam. They are not perfect. This TV Land show proves this.

Sure, it may be an exaggerated form of how teachers are behind the scenes but no doubt does it show a glimmer of the truth. We all break down in our own jobs, so who’s to say that this show is outright wrong? “Teachers” is the untold story, or I guess, true life story, of anyone and everyone who love-hate their job. Give it a shot. If you don’t like it, let me know down below what it was that didn’t float your boat. If you did, which character did you relate to the most?
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Why You Should Be Watching TV Land’s ‘Teachers.” Images courtesy of TV Land.

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