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Where to Find Open Casting Calls in Miami?

find casting calls in Miami

Have you ever wondered where to find open casting calls in Miami? Often, young talents who live far from New York or Los Angeles are frustrated that they can’t get to auditions. Luckily, the entertainment industry has found some exciting new ways to go, and getting into open auditions in your area is a real possibility. To avoid spending hours searching the search engine for casting calls in Miami, use our tips on where to find acting auditions near you.

Ways to Find Miami Casting Calls

Even if you can’t move to a city with great opportunities and don’t have representation, try to start filming in your hometown. Find out what acting auditions are in Miami and fill up your resume with local jobs before you move to a big city with a lot of competition. Let’s look at several ways to get access to open casting, television, film, and commercial auditions:

  1. Many casting directors maintain online databases of local talent and often conduct auditions in the regions. Find а legitimate casting sites, like, that focus on auditions for local agencies.
  2. Audition at a local theater where you can meet colleagues, learn about new opportunities, and meet decision-makers. In the acting environment, you can ask for a recommendation to get to know a local agent.
  3. Master social networks: subscribe to casting directors, use the hashtags #castingcall, #actingauditions, and others, and look for an opportunity to find and apply for castings without leaving your home.

Create your portfolio: your headshot, video reel, resume and contact information so you’ll be ready to send it to the casting director as soon as you have an opportunity.

Auditions Advice

Whether you land an audition with a major agent or local commercials, you need to develop a strong and reliable process for success if you want to find open casting calls in Miami:

  • Do regular exercises that help you overcome stage fright and act freely.
  • Show your communication skills while auditioning and your ability to take directions.
  • Do some preliminary research and understand what the audition committee might look for.

As you can see, starting an acting career in Miami is quite possible, and when you are ready to conquer the film industry’s capital, you will already have some experience.

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