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What Do We Really Think Of The Ted Bundy Movie Trailer?

Based on the notorious 1970’s serial killer Ted Bundy, the new film Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile takes us on a tale of the relationship between the killer and his longtime girlfriend. But, the question is how do we really feel about a film that portrays an evil and vile individual who wholeheartedly believed he was innocent of dozens of heinous murders.

The film starring Zac Efron as Ted Bundy and Lily Collins as Elizabeth Kloepfer, the story revolves around this seemingly functional relationship while everyone around Bundy, as well as Kloepfer, are completely unaware of Bundy’s true nature.

There were various mixed reviews when the trailer to the film was first made public. Some with intrigue on how Efron would portray Bundy and some who were dismayed at the mere fact that this type of film was even made. The initial thoughts that surround the film was that it portrays Bundy as too suave and likeable when you watch the trailer for the first time. To many of the viewers, this does not represent the Ted Bundy that plagued the news and caused a major stir in the justice system back in the 70’s. He was a man who murdered and tortured women in ways that at the time was blasphemous and unheard of. We have all seen various Ted Bundy documentaries to know the truth.

Now there are two sides to the coin. Ted Bundy was known for being the guy next door. He was a man who you would not believe would be capable of these crimes. He was charismatic, suave, charming and an all around good enough guy you would have no problem if he dated your daughter. Bundy was able to sway the people around him to believe the words he said. Although, you might say that this is the scary part about Bundy, the fact that he could manipulate people.

The film is not about Ted Bundy the serial killer, it is about Ted Bundy the charming guy next door. Yes, Zac Efron looks like Bundy and adds to that appealing quality, but it’s about the persona Ted Bundy presented to the world and the courtroom. It becomes about the man who was able to daze women into believing him, especially the woman who lived and loved him and did not know a thing.

Of course, there are moral issues to this type of film. There have been responses saying the issue of the family members of his victims having to see the man who murdered their daughter being portrayed this way on the big screen. There is this idea that in one way or another they are glorifying Ted Bundy because serial killers are now a trend. The film is a two sided coin and whichever way you flip it you can not have one reaction without the other.

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What Do We Really Think Of The Ted Bundy Movie Trailer?: Image Credit: Zac Efron Instagram

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