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‘The Sandlot’ Prequel is in the Works Thanks to 20th Century Fox and David Mickey Evans

'The Sandlot' Prequel

The cult classic film The Sandlot recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. To mark the special occasion, there was a limited theatrical showing thanks to Fathom Events. Did you miss the limited showing of The Sandlot? Don’t get too bummed out! 20th Century Fox has now confirmed ‘The Sandlot’ prequel to the film phenomenon. Since many of us millennials grew up with the film, this news is bound to create a lot of noise. If you don’t believe in prequels, then maybe you ought to skip this one. But considering that the film’s original writer and director, David Mickey Evans, is signed on as a co-writer of the script, along with Austin Reynolds, this film prequel should be able to stand on its own. 

‘The Sandlot’ Prequel is in the Works

Specific details on the plot of the film, as well as the release date, remain unknown. However, there are rumors that the film will focus on the legend of the beast. The Sandlot’s 1993 release has infamously gone down in many of our memories. David Mickey Evans created two other follow-ups to the film, 2005’s The Sandlot 2 and 2007’s The Sandlot: Heading Home. These were direct-to-video releases, and although nostalgic for some, they weren’t very successful. However, the prospect of a big screen prequel release is much more promising. In case you need to brush up on your Sandlot lore, the story follows Scotty Smalls as the new kid in the neighborhood in the year 1962. It’s all about baseball, coming-of-age, a group of inseparable friends, and the legendary beast. Those of us who know the film white-knuckled it through the quest to get Babe Ruth’s signed baseball back from the jaws of the humongous neighborhood dog. If you haven’t seen the original, go watch it and get prepared for the prequel’s impending release!


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‘The Sandlot’ Prequel is in the Works Thanks to 20th Century Fox and David Mickey Evans. Featured Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox


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