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How can you Tell if a Slot Machine is Progressive

progressive slot machines

Slots have always been a top choice in casinos, and this trend intensified over the years making slots a dominant force in the casino industry. The best thing about slots is that there is plenty to choose from since casinos are offering a huge variety of gamers, which in most cases are simple and offer players a chance to win a lot of money at real money slots games.

However, since there are many different types of slots to the naked eye, and they all look very similar, how can you tell the difference between slot games? Well, slot games might look very similar, but there is a big difference in their payout strategy, especially when we talk about progressive slots, which are very popular in the world of online gambling.

So, you open up a casino website, browse through the selection, and since casinos don’t give out information about the type of slot and payout strategy, it is up to you to decide the type of slot.

Progressive Slots in Casinos

According to Hoop Casino, we can spot a trend that is constantly increasing in progressive slots. Not too long ago, progressive slots represented 30% of the slot industry, and now this number has grown to 70% meaning that most slots found in casinos are progressive.

When we talk about progressive slots, we usually refer to the progressive jackpot that is up for grabs. Progressive slots usually take a percentage of each bet towards funding the big jackpot, which is up for grabs for one lucky winner. Even though there are different types of progressive slots in terms of how the jackpot drops, the system is identical.

Fixed vs Progressive Slots

progressive slots

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In order for you to tell the difference between fixed and progressive slots, you have to know more about how each type functions. Even though it is hard to tell the difference between fixed and progressive slots, some indicators can be used to tell them apart.

For instance, if you see an advertisement that says that one game will limit you to invest a certain amount of money and has a limited bet per spin, and the prize money offered as a jackpot is a certain amount, this is a fixed slot. So, the difference between fixed and progressive slots is quite evident, especially if you take a closer look at the jackpot. Slots that offer a certain amount as a jackpot are fixed, and progressive slots don’t know the amount of the jackpot since it is built by taking a percentage of each bet.

Read Online Reviews

If you still cannot tell if the slot game is progressive or fixed, the best thing to do is do a bit of research online. There is plenty of casino review website that will offer you detailed information about the type of slot, RTP, maximum bet, and jackpot prize. So, knowing the type of slot is really important before you start playing just because it can directly affect your winnings and odds of each bet.

Importance of Knowing the Type

Knowing the type of slot is crucial before making your betting strategy. For example, playing at a progressive slot means that you’ll earn less money per bet compared to a fixed jackpot, so you’ll need to be prepared to take these losses.

Additionally, the type of slot can help you do even more research just so you can increase your winnings. For example, if the progressive jackpot is tied to a time limit and it approached the end without dropping, you need to pump up your betting strategy and place max credits per spin just to increase your chances of landing on a jackpot.

Progressive slots are very different compared to fixed slots in terms of the payout system, and once you do a bit of research, you’ll be able to quickly spot which slot is a progressive slot.

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