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The Link Between Music and Gambling

The Link Between Music and Gambling

If you have experience with gambling, you’ll know that it’s strongly linked to music. Over the past several decades, music and gambling have had a strong relationship – but how and why?

If you want to learn more about the interesting combination of music and gambling that complement one another, here’s a detailed look at what you need to know.

Music is Played in Most Land-Based Casinos

Whether you go to a Las Vegas casino or one in your local town, you’re likely going to find that there’s music playing in the background. Usually, this will be jazz; however, in more modern casinos, rap and pop music have also become popular over recent years – the genre depends entirely on the city you visit and the casino you attend there.

Having said that, though, jazz remains the number one genre of music to be played in casinos because it sets the tone perfectly, creating a nice blend of luxury and excitement. Remember, an element of casino culture is about respecting the past – and jazz music has always been a part of it!

Also, when you use Gamble Online USA, you’ll find that most online casinos play music in the background, too. When people hear this music through their smartphone and PC speakers, it helps create a ‘realism’ effect that makes it feel like you’re actually in a real casino.

Music Encourages People to Gamble

Listening to music releases endorphins in the brain, and in turn, this creates feelings of excitement and fun – especially jazz, which humans tend to be drawn to. Naturally, when this happens in a casino or betting shop, it encourages people to gamble more; suddenly, if someone was feeling doubtful about a particular bet they were going to place, they might discover they will go ahead and place it anyway, thanks to the excitement and feel-good that background music helps to create.

Essentially, music is an excellent tool for encouragement and bravery – especially when it comes to newbie gamblers.

Sound Effects are a Key Part of the Experience

Whether people are gambling in-person or online, sound effects also help to create an exciting experience. Sometimes, sound effects will be music-based, but other times, they will be short and concise bursts of sound – such as coins falling onto the floor – to create a sense of urgency and engagement in the player.

For example, games such as slots are heavily reliant on sound effects and music to create a memorable experience. Without them, slots would be a very boring game, as it would simply be a selection of reels spinning on a screen. The music and sound effects, however, change all of that.

If you walk into any bar or land-based casino with slot machines, you’ll be able to hear the music and sound effects from a mile away. Often, this encourages people to head on over to the machines and test their luck!

Music and Gambling in the Movies

Last but not least, gambling scenes in movies almost always use music. Doing this enables the audience to understand the potential stakes that are on the line, such as in the famously intense Casino Royale (2006) scene featuring James Bond and Le Chiffre.

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