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Brace Yourself for Luxury Gaming Vibes with Wynn’s ‘Strip’ Concept

Wynn's 'Strip' Concept

Wynn’s ‘Strip’ Concept

Visitors and residents of the UAE will be able to get a taste of Las Vegas without having to go all the way to the US if the latest plans are anything to go by.

Gambling has long been a taboo subject across the Middle East, with religion and cultural beliefs among those that strictly forbid it. However, with a growing expat community and a desire to revolutionize and modernize on a global scale, it appears there could be some changes in behaviours.

There are many who are already able to engage in internet wagering when they use the best Arabic gambling sites online for all their gaming needs. Still, it would appear that those in the country may be able to take their experiences to a new dimension with the authenticity and allure that Sin City continues to offer.


Wynn’s Las Vegas Strip Concept

As everyone knows, Las Vegas is widely considered to be the entertainment capital of the world, with its glitzy and glamorous casinos being a huge reason for the moniker. The Strip, in which many of the establishments are located, is renowned around the planet, with many having been featured on a TV screen or been used in games.

Wynn are one of the biggest operators across the industry, and it seems they are edging closer to bringing luxury gaming vibes to the streets of the UAE. They have already managed to register trademarks for ‘Arabian Strip’ and ‘Marjan Strip’, thus perhaps helping to emphasize the plans the company have for the region.

It is rumored to cost Wynn around $3.9 billion to create and construct the gaming resort, however estimates have suggested that it could fetch the country around $6.6 billion in revenue annually if the activity was legalized and managed properly.

Admittedly, the choice of ‘Strip’ might be considered a little too ambitious or premature at this stage, as they will be the only choice once the concept is brought to life. However, that is something that appears to be in motion.

UAE is starting to create favourable gambling conditions

Although there are some strict and unfavourable views on gambling across the Middle East currently, it does appear that the UAE is doing what it can to create potential change and allow the industry to enter the market legally and fairly.

A gaming authority has recently been set up that would create a “world-leading regulatory framework” that applies to commercial gaming and lotteries that could be introduced. It will feature highly experienced professionals on the board who have years of working in the industry, thus ensuring the best chances of it being able to be a success and thrive.

There has been no official movement regarding imminent plans for gambling activities to be introduced in the country. Still, there is plenty of confidence behind the scenes that it is only a matter of time before it does, hence why many are already bracing themselves for luxury gaming vibes with Wynn’s ‘Strip’ concept.

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