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What Is a Sweepstakes Model?

What Is a Sweepstakes Model?

Sweepstakes Model

Due to strict iGaming regulations in most US states, sweepstakes platforms have grown to be pretty widespread as an alternative to regular casinos. However, a lot of players still struggle to understand the concept of the sweepstakes model and how it works.

The thing is — sweepstakes started well before online casinos were even a thing, so we’ll explore the connection between the two terms.

Sweepstakes Concept Explained

The sweepstakes model started its journey a few decades ago and became pretty popular by the early 2000s. It was mainly an alternative to lotteries, and you may be surprised to learn it was usually used as a part of large companies’ marketing campaigns.

Unlike lotteries, sweepstakes didn’t require participants to purchase tickets. Based on consumer engagement, companies issued sweepstakes entries to loyal customers, giving them the chance to claim exciting rewards without having to pay anything.

This model was later on applied to sweepstakes casinos, allowing players to enjoy games and potentially earn valuable rewards without spending personal funds.

What Are Sweepstakes Casinos?


Sweepstakes casinos emerged as a combination of social gaming platforms and the sweepstakes marketing model that we’ve just explained. These properties have set them apart from regular casinos, allowing them to operate legally on US soil.

Instead of funding their accounts, sweepstakes players can try some of the best casino-style games for free. Just like on social platforms, players are given free coins, which can be used to play the games, enjoy the fun, and win more coins in return. However, social casino coins, commonly known as Gold Coins, can’t be redeemed for real rewards.

That’s where the concept of Sweeps Coins kicks in. By using a sweepstakes casino sign up bonus or by purchasing packs of Gold Coins, players can rack up their Sweeps Coin balance. After they are done playing, they can redeem their SC stash for rewards like gift cards. Some casinos even allow players to withdraw Sweeps Coins similarly to the way they’d get their financial winnings at regular casinos.

How Sweepstakes Prizes Are Awarded

sweepstakes model

Generally speaking, sweepstakes prizes are always awarded randomly to consumers participating in a draw or contest. Here are some takeaways to help you better understand the differences between these and games of chance in which players purchase their entry tickets:

  • Sweepstakes relate to all rewards that are randomly awarded without participants having to make a purchase.
  • The rewards are based purely on chance.
  • The chances of winning the reward are equal among all entries.
  • There is no way for participants to increase their chances.

When compared to lotteries and casino games, sweepstakes marketing promotions and casinos are different in that they don’t require any monetary qualifications.

Redeeming The Rewards

The best thing about sweepstakes is that players can reap the rewards in more than one way despite not having to make any sort of monetary compensation. For instance, earning a reward in a sweepstakes contest of a commercial business allows you to either use coupons and gift cards or redeem them financially.

The same goes for sweepstakes casinos, where you can redeem the prize won with SC coins, even though no deposit is required to play the actual games. In a sense, you could say that a player/participant has a lot to gain with these without having to risk anything. 

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