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What Are Free Spins (And How To Get Them)

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Online casino websites and apps always try their best to lure new players and retain old ones. They employ a wide variety of gimmicks to keep players from leaving. These include offering promos and bonuses to all players. And one of these promos is free-to-spin bonuses. Along with welcome bonuses, free spins are one of the most popular types of bonuses online casinos offer to players. 

They are often offered in slot machines like video poker. Different fully licensed slot brands also provide different ways how to redeem these bonuses. In this article, we will look into what free spins are, what benefits they provide to players, and how to redeem them.

How Do Free Spins Work?

Free spins are bonuses that are commonly seen in slot machines. But while they are popular and several online casinos offer them, there are still limitations to using these features. While players can still win prizes with free spins, they don’t carry any points which then can be used for other games. Speaking of games, not all games allow players to get free spins, such as blackjack. 

So why do online casinos still give these free bonuses away to players? To put it into perspective, think of free spins as coupons for a supermarket or a fast-food restaurant. Some coupons offer discounts.  But some coupons allow customers to redeem certain items without having to buy anything. Some coupons even allow customers to get one item free after buying one item. 

This is how free spins usually work, and free spins are a way for online casinos to give players the impression that they can win something without having to spend any money. For players, free spins are awesome bonuses that they can use to maximize their wins and increase their chances of getting big prizes. But free spins don’t just benefit players. With these bonuses, everyone is a winner. 

How Do Free Spins Benefit Players And Casinos?

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Now, some people might think that free spins only give benefits to players since they can play a game without having to spend money. That part is true, but free spins are advantageous to online casinos as well. 

Free spins provide incentives to players to continue playing and even place bigger bets. It gives an impression to them that if they could win prizes without having to pay some money first, their chances of winning big could get higher if they invest more in the game. This makes them stay for a bit longer and play more to maximize their winnings and come back for more. 

When they keep playing and spending money after receiving these bonuses, online casinos will earn more in the process. These earnings will cover whatever loss they incurred from giving away free spins to players. That’s why bonuses such as free spins are like bread and butter to many online casinos. Without them, they would have problems marketing themselves and their games and therefore they might not even exist. 

Is It Free?

Some people might think that free spins are not free at all. After all, some online casinos offer free spin promos but players would have to deposit a certain amount of money first before getting these bonuses. Some players might think that this is a rip-off.  Even though this is the case, free spins are, as the name says, still free. They are bonuses given to players for depositing or signing up for an online casino. 

Remember the coupon analogy from earlier? You can also think of it as a freebie that someone gets when you purchase a product, similar to “Buy One, Get One Free” promos. You paid for one item but you get one item for free. Free spins work like this too. You can pay $1 for a spin and get a free spin without having to spend another dollar.

Ways On Getting Free Spins

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Free spins are certainly free. But each online casino has rules and regulations on how to obtain and use them. There are also a few ways you can try to acquire free spins, such as enabling autoplay, turning off the slot machine before the jackpot, or even sharing free spins with other players. Keep in mind that these “hacks” might not apply to all online casinos, so check with your online casino first before doing them. 

Online casinos also offer explanations and tutorials on how to play their games on their websites or apps, so make sure to read and take note of them. Be aware of the limitations when using free spins as well. You can also approach the workers of the online casino to ask more questions about how the games and bonuses work. 

However, never attempt to ask for free spins from them. Never forget that while free spin bonuses are freebies, no player should take them for granted. Workers at these online casinos are there to help you win the game and not give you free spins. If you do that, you might risk not getting them at all. 

Losing Free Spin Bonus

There are instances when a player might lose his or her free spin bonuses for some reason. When this happens, it’s because there was a mistake on the player’s part. This situation would be frustrating and disappointing for players. 

However, no matter how badly you want to get them, it is usually no longer possible to get them back. You can still try to tell online casino workers about this and then let them know about this situation. But don’t expect to get this lost bonus back. This should never dissuade you from playing if this happens. You can always keep playing and hope that another bonus might come around the corner. 


Whether you’re new to online casinos or you’ve been playing them for quite some time, free spin bonuses can give you a much-needed headstart. Free spins are a perfect way to start earning money without having to lose them first. They are also essential for online casinos themselves, and it would be hard to imagine online casinos existing without these bonuses. 

Nevertheless, different online casinos have different ways of offering free spin bonuses to players. Thus, it’s always best to check with your online casino for rules and mechanics on how to use them, especially when you play slot machines on autoplay. 

Keep in mind as well that these free spins should never be abused and players should always play fair and by the rules. Free spins are there for players to enjoy and for them to get a headstart in winning big prizes, not to play unfairly against other players. So when you get free spins, enjoy the game and good luck!

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