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The Best Guides for Playing Online Slots

Almost everyone who owns a hand held device or who has access to the internet had downloaded a game recently.  There are games for everyone from children to grandparents.  Gaming is at an all time high right now.  That is evident by the huge amount of revenue being generated by gaming companies. Tencent Mobiles Games was the top iPhone gaming app publisher with the most revenue around the world by having generated 236.47 million U.S. dollars revenue in January of 2018.   What’s awesome about online gaming is that it’s super easy to try new games that you might not have ever tried before.  I don’t personally play golf but I’m addicted to this Golf Game called Golf Clash.  It’s easy to play, challenging and there’s enough interesting prizes and awards to keep you engaged.  One important element of learning how to play new games are guides.  Gaming guides are very popular as they typically provide you a history of the game along with tips and strategies on how to best play the game.  In this article we’re going to discover some of the best guides for playing online slots that we could find.

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Casino Top List

Casino Top list has a decent guide for playing online slots.  There is a lot of text so if you don’t like reading, this probably won’t be the best guide to use but it is filled with lots of informative information.  In fact you can find several types of online casino game guides on this website that cover every type of casino game there is.  For the purpose of this list, you’ll find online slot types such as:

Mega Spin

88 Casino

88 Casino has a nice guide for playing online slots.  They naturally discuss the slot games that they offer while explaining differences between online slots and video slots at live casinos.  They also go over wagering options and how bonus wheels work.

Crazy Vegas

We like the Crazy Vegas guide for playing online slots because it provided some valuable information.  It wasn’t anything fancy but very informative.  As an example it covered most of the popular slot machine types such as video, classic and progressive slots.  It also covered a neat little timeline that explained the progression of slot machines over the years.  It included:

  • Mechanical slot machines (1902)
  • Video slot machines (1963)
  • Electric slot machines (1980)
  • Online slots (1990 – present)
best online casino slots guides

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Online Casino Bluebook

Out of all the best guides for playing online slots, we liked this slot guide the best and that’s because it was created in a nice, easy to read infographic style.  We love infographic guides because they are very visual, highlight the most important facts and are fun to read.   This guide is very organized and has specific sections for each topic.  The topics include:

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