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Tanna Fedrick Interview

Was there anyone who inspired you while you were growing up?
I watched a lot of Vincent Price growing up; he was my favorite actor. My family inspired me because they were involved in a chain of movie theaters in Iowa and owned one of the first video stores in my hometown, Mason City, IA. My mom dropped me off with my aunt Cindy, who ran River City Video Store, and I would watch as many movies as I possibly could while staying there.
Did you have the chance to focus on your acting while growing up?
I started in children’s theatre when I was 8 years old with four to five shows a year. I was lucky enough to be so horrible at ballet class that the teacher suggested to my mother to try something else. As a result, I delved into a world at 8 years old in which I could follow my instincts and have freedom to create. I continued at the University of Iowa with the theatre programs and was luckily given scholarships so that I could graduate with honors in International Relations and Theatre.
When you are not busy acting, what are some things you like doing?
Surfing and running my nonprofit, Project Save Our Surf, which distributes water filters to countries in need of fresh water. Check out and get involved! Come play with me!
Tanna Fedrick Interview photos courtesy of Philip Alderton Odessy Barbu’.

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