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Most of you probably know Ryan Serhant as a successful real estate agent on Million Dollar Listing New York, but being a real estate agent was not the first career Serhant had in mind. After moving to New York, Serhant landed his first acting role in 2007 as Evan Walsh in As the World Turns. When the show was cancelled in 2010, Serhant decided to pursue a career in real estate. By 2012, Serhant was ranked number 15 out of 28,000 successful brokers in New York City. Even with his real estate career booming, Serhant’s passion for acting has not died. In fact, he appeared in the film While We’re Young, which was released on April 10. After reviewing some of Serhant’s work, we got to know more about his love of acting and his recent role.
Cliché: What’s the film While We’re Young about?
Ryan Serhant: The film is about a couple in their 40s who meet a couple in their 20s and the relationships that are formed for better and for worse through their generational gap.
What about the character you play and his importance in the film?
I play a guy named Dave who funds the documentary film that is the crux of While We’re Young.
image5What was the audition process like?
The casting directors reached out to me after seeing me on Million Dollar Listing New York and had me come in to read. I didn’t hear anything for four months or so, and then they called out of the blue and said, “Hey! The producers would love for you to read with Ben TOMORROW,” and so I did that, and here I am. It was a lot of fun actually. Auditioning with Ben Stiller was an amazing experience.
Do you remember what you were doing when you found out that you landed the role?
I was showing a $23m apartment.
How did you feel knowing that you scored a part in a featured film?
It was a dream come true. I called every single person I knew and let them know.
During the shooting of the film, was it difficult to balance out both your acting and real estate career?
I think in today’s day and age, it’s difficult to balance busy schedules no matter what your career is. If you’re good at time management, you can do anything.
Do you have any other projects coming up that we should know about?
Yes, but unfortunately I am not allowed to talk about them at this time. You’ll just have to wait and see!
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