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Producer Sevier Crespo on his Love of Sneakers

Sevier Crespo

Puerto Rican-born producer Sevier Crespo ( has worked with such Hollywood heavyweights as Michael Mann and Jerry Bruckheimer. He studied production at UCLA and learned the ropes under the tutelage of Robert Townsend and director Sam Bayer at Ridley Scott’s RSA USA, Inc. He’s since gone on to work with such global brands as Adidas, Coca-Cola, Nike, Marlboro, Mitsubishi, NBC, and Netflix – to name a few. More recently he worked on the film “El Guardia” that premiered at Cannes in 2019, and with such prominent figures as David Beckham, Kendrick Lamar, and Demi Lovato. Today we’re talking with him about his love of all things shoes.

I hear you have quite the sneaker collection. What are some favorites?

Sevier Crespo


I’d have to say my adidas Campus 80s Norse Projects Layers (that I got in Spain), adidas Y-3 Yohji Super (from the adidas Y-3 collection), and Nike Air Rubber Dunk Off-White UNC would be some of my favorites.

How did your love of shoes begin?

It started when I got my first pair of  back in junior high. Then it really picked up when I started producing for major shoe companies — being around all the new shoes, and seeing the team wearing styles from around the world. I loved collecting the shoes they had and getting their input on what to buy next.

Is there a pair of kicks you’ve got your eye on now (what’s on your wish list)?

I think I’m a baby in the shoe game. But if I started to expand into some more avenues, I’d get the white and black Prada Superstars, and of course the original black and gray Air Jordan 4s.

What’s your daily uniform?

Sevier CrespoI’m simple, so it’s usually jeans or dark gray pants with adidas Superstars with a plain black T-shirt. And I’m usually wearing a hat too.

When do you feel the need to add a hat to your outfit (is it a mood or the season)?

I have curly hair, so sometimes that determines whether it’s a hat day or not.

Are you a watch guy?

I like watches and I have a few, but the only one I really wear is my Rolex Explorer II. It’s simple, clean, and makes a statement.

Who were your fashion influencers when you were coming into your own?

It’s only been in recent years that I’ve put some thought into it. David Beckham always looks cool regardless of what he’s wearing, and Justin Timberlake, Chance the Rapper and Anderson .Paak are equally styled well. Pharrell is a big influence too. I think the common denominator here is just liking how something fits you and what you gravitate toward personally. Stylists say it all the time, but if you’re happy in your clothes, you will come across that way to others.

Let’s talk about grooming. What’s your hair/shaving routine?

I am pretty regular about my haircuts. I do it every 3-4 weeks to keep it the same length. My wife likes when it’s a bit longer and unruly, but I’m a fan of it being on the shorter side. When it comes to my beard, I let it grow out, then I shave. So really every couple of weeks I’m shaving clean.

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