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Lexi Atkins Interview

Lexi Atkins may not be a household name, but that doesn’t mean she’s new to the spotlight. This pageant beauty has been working in entertainment for quite some time, starting out as a dancer before taking up modeling and then setting her sights on acting. It seems Bill Murray gave her some great advice when he said she should study at Second City, since she’s off to a fine start. She already knows some big names in the game, and has recently worked with Jennifer Lopez on a new movie.
“If you would have told me ten years ago that I would be sitting next to J. Lo and working with her, I would never have believed you, even if it had always been my dream,” Atkins says. Recalling her time with the famed actress/singer, Atkins goes onto say, “It’s kind of exciting. This industry is so up and down that it’s nice to have reminders that you’re really doing it. Keep going.”  Lucky for her, we’ll soon be seeing her next year on both the small and big screen.
Both the film The Boy Next Door and the CW television series Messengers are due out next year. It seems that Miss Illinois is good at keeping secrets, because she won’t be spilling the beans on Messengers or the new J. Lo movie (side-note: best friend material), but she was able to give us a little insight into her upcoming projects.
Messengers is about a group of strangers who die and awaken after an impending extinction-level event, and discover that they saved the world from utter destruction. Atkins plays Alice, a personal friend of one the strangers that saves Earth, and also a love interest to one of the titular “Messengers.” She couldn’t tell us what kind of apocalypse was stopped, but did let us know that this series will be a sci-fi based show.
In the film The Boy Next Door, Atkins plays the love interest to Claire Peterson’s (J. Lo) son. Peterson, a mother and teacher who becomes too involved with her young neighbor, Noah (Ryan Guzman), discovers that Noah isn’t who everyone thinks he is. Atkins promises that this thriller will keep viewers on their toes and expressed excitement from working with such a great cast of actors.
Currently, Atkins might be leaning towards more dramatic roles. Although comedy is one of her favorite genres, she took every acting class she could find (even the writing courses!).  She’s also the ambassador for Essential Living Foods and Val Certified Organic MakeUp, just to name a few brands she supports. Val’s is the first all organic makeup line in the US and Atkins feels very proud to be a part of bringing healthier makeup brands into the industry she loves.
The Boy Next Door is due at in theaters on January 23, 2015. Be sure to keep up to date on all things Lexi Atkins by following her on Twitter at @lex_witter and Instagram at @lex_stagram.
Lexi Atkins Interview: Photographed by Ben Miller 

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